The Leader In Me: TLIM

THE LEADER IN ME  is a book and a process that brings the principle centered leadership techniques found in the 7 Habits to the elementary classroom. Currently over 130 schools in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Australia are using The Leader in Me  to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Build children’s self-confidence, interpersonal skills and 21st Century global competence.
  • Enhance community and citizenship school-wide.
  • Elevate student achievement.
  • Decrease discipline issues.
  • Increase teacher satisfaction.
  • Improve parent engagement.

Research conducted at these schools demonstrates that they have  achieved significant success in reaching these outcomes. In fact, many of the schools that have implemented this process have received the highest awards and accolades in their respective communities.
CAJE will be at the epicenter of the national and eventually international implementation of The Leader in Me: Ensuring Our Jewish Future initiative.

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