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CAJE provides curriculum consultation, professional development leadership, programming resources, and networking opportunities to afternoon and weekend congregational religious schools. In addition, CAJE administers the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Synagogue School Scholarship Program.

In Hebrew a Sharsheret is a strong linked chain. At CAJE we believe that the strength of human resources is the key to educational excellence and success. With this as our guiding principle, CAJE launched Sharsheret in 2005.

Sharsheret is a multi faceted program that invests in the human resources of our congregational religious schools. Sharsheret involves a Leadership Academy seminar for Education Directors; the design of an Institutional Professional Development Plan (IPDP) for each school by its education director in partnership with CAJE professionals; funding for each school to implement their IPDP; and funding to each school for teachers to attend various conferences and courses that support their IPDP.

Meeting Dates for 2015 – 2016

Location: To Be Determined

Location: To Be Determined

**Upcoming Congregational Education Opportunities for 2015 2016**

SIT Systematic Inventive Thinking

SIT is a global innovation agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in South America, Europe and The Far East.

The company's core capability is assisting individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their goals by leveraging its structured and analytical methodology for creative thinking.

This thought provoking methodology was developed in the Israeli academy during the nineties by Prof. Jacob Goldenberg and Dr. Roni Horowitz.

Since its establishment in 1996, SIT has conducted projects in more than 65 countries worldwide with more than 850 companies, including industry leaders such as Kraft Foods, Merck, General Electric, Brinks, HP, Johnson & Johnson and more.

At the heart of the SIT approach is the assumption that creative thinking is something that can be taught and that any individual, given this structured set of tools, can learn to uncover new possibilities, adopt alternative points of view and generate ideas and solutions for real-life challenges.

In recent years, SIT has achieved tremendous traction in the Jewish Education arena, working closely with a broad spectrum of Jewish students, educators and leaders and inspiring them by building a bridge between the world of business and the world of Jewish education.

Greater Miami Jewish Federation Synagogue School Supplemental Scholarship Program

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation provides subsidies to congregational schools so that they may offer tuition assistance to families in need.


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