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As a Melton student, you will receive two written curricula each year that are based on primary sources in English translation and were developed by renowned educators from the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Melton curriculum surveys the basic components of Jewish literacy and knowledge. Courses explore the essential ideas and reasons underlying Jewish holidays and practices, central beliefs and concepts, important moments in history and contemporary ethical issues. There are no prerequisites, exams, grades, or homework. Your time commitment to learning and self-discovery is only 2 hours a week—1 hour of one course, a 15 minute break, followed by a second hour of another course.

The Melton curriculum, encompasses the following four courses (Rhythms & Purposes are paired; Dramas & Ethics are paired):

Rhythms of Jewish Living
(25-27 lessons, 1 hour per week, usually taken by first year students)
Why do we do what we do? Discover the sources, the deeper meanings, and development of the central ideas and texts that inform the Jewish holidays, life cycle observances and customs.

Purposes of Jewish Living

(25-27 lessons, 1 hour per week, usually taken by first year students)
What do we believe? What makes Judaism unique? Probe Judaism’s essential, animating concepts and ideas as they unfold in the Bible, the Talmud and other sacred texts up through contemporary times

Crossroads of Jewish History

(25-27) lessons, 1 hour per week, usually taken by second year students)
This course defines periods in Jewish history and provides an understanding of
how these crossroads have shaped Judaism and Jewish identity
as we know it today.

Ethics of Jewish Living
(25-27) lessons, 1 hour per week, usually taken by second year students)
How do Jewish ethical principles apply to our lives today? Explore ethical issues relating to justice, life and death, sexuality, family and community relationships by studying texts from Jewish wisdom literature, ancient and modern.

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Pluralistic/Non-Demoninational Approach

The Melton School is committed to teaching Judaism’s common roots and heritage in a pluralistic way. It is not affiliated with any movement in Judaism and is appropriate for students of any background who have a beginning or intermediate knowledge of Judaism.

Students and faculty are drawn from all branches of Judaism and learn together in an atmosphere emphasizing respect for each person’s expression of Jewish commitment. Click here for What Students Say About Melton.

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Outstanding, University-Caliber Faculty
The Melton School only engages faculty members who meet our exacting standards. Instructors must be experienced, dynamic Jewish educators who possess exceptional knowledge, conduct classes in an exciting, interactive manner and know how to teach adult learners of varying backgrounds.

The Miami Melton Faculty is comprised of university professors, Jewish educators, and rabbis, all committed to adult Jewish learning of the highest caliber and quality.


A Director and On-Site Director of Administration

The Melton Director, Rabbi Leah Richman, serves as the community spokesperson for the school as well as a link between the synagogues and the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education. She oversees the Director of Administration, supervises the faculty, and manages the overall financial and strategic direction of the Melton School.

Our on-site Melton Director of Administration, Carla Spector, oversees classes at all of our campuses (North Miami Beach/Aventura, Miami Beach, Central Dade/Brickell Ave., and South Miami/Pinecrest) to ensure that both students and faculty enjoy the highest quality educational experience possible. The Director of Administration manages all of the logistical aspects of the school and is available as an ombudsman for student and faculty concerns, encouraging each class to become a learning community. She also plans extra-curricular offerings for students such as field trips to local Jewish sites of interest so as to enhance the learning experience.

Jewish Community Partnership and Collaboration

The Miami-Dade Jewish community recognizes the need for a community school that crosses institutional boundaries and is dedicated to imparting a comprehensive, sophisticated understanding of Judaism so crucial for understanding and participating in Jewish life today. With over 800 alumni, the Melton School has been instrumental in providing Jewish literacy and values to many of the Jewish leaders of both Jewish and secular organizations and institutions in our community.

The Melton School is funded by the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education, as well as by generous donors, many of whom are current or former Melton students themselves, and is co-sponsored and supported by a collaborative partnership of local Jewish groups: The Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education of Miami, the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, The Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami, the Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center, the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, and the Miami Beach Jewish Community Center. 

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