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Celebrate 100 years of IDF

“The IDF traces its roots to Jewish paramilitary organizations in the New Yishuv, starting with the Second Aliyah. The first such organization was Bar-Giora, founded in September 1907. It was converted to Hashomer in April 1909, which operated until the British Mandate of Palestine came into being in 1920...”




Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
The IDF mission is to defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Israel. To protect the inhabitants of Israel and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten the daily life. This site explains all the branches, doctrines and organizational structure

Israel Defense Forces Wikipedia The Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
Commonly known in Israel by the Hebrew acronym Tzahal ( äö " ì ), are Israel's military forces, comprising the ground forces, air force and navy.

IDF Spokesperson Blog Site:
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit is the Israel Defense Forces' professional body responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world.

Friends of the IDF:
The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) is the American partner of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. FIDF helps support social, educational and recreational programs and facilities for the young men and women soldiers of Israel who defend the Jewish homeland and to the families of soldiers who have fallen in defense of Israel.

Mahal – IDF volunteers:
Enables young Jews from all over the world to volunteer for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). The programs aim to contribute to Israel's defense and to provide experienced and enthusiastic young leaders for Jewish communities.

Israeli Special Forces Home Page:
Security forces in Israel includes a variety of organizations, including law enforcement, military, paramilitary, governmental, and intelligence agencies.

IDF Vehicle and Aircraft Modeling:
A site for the modeling enthusiast,with examples of vehicle and aircraft

ZAHAL- Israel Defense Forces insignia Online Store:
Army/Navy Store of the IDF


24 Hours in the Life of IDF by Menachem Michelson and Moshe Shai (2005)
No description available

Army Fatigues: Joining Israel's Army of International Volunteers by Mark Werner (2008)
In his first book, attorney Werner chronicles life in the Volunteers for Israel, or Sar-el, an organization in which people (typically Jews) from around the world volunteer to work on Israeli military bases, performing day-to-day tasks so that Israeli military personnel are free for combat missions.

Brotherhood of Warriors: Behind Enemy Lines with a Commando in One of the World's Most Elite Counterterrorism Units by Aaron Cohen and Douglas Century (2008)
At the age of eighteen, Aaron Cohen left Beverly Hills to prove himself in the crucible of the armed forces. He was determined to be a part of Israel's most elite security cadre, akin to the American Green Berets and Navy SEALs. After fifteen months of grueling training designed to break down each individual man and to rebuild him as a warrior, Cohen was offered the only post a non-Israeli can hold in the special forces. In 1996 he joined a top-secret, highly controversial unit that dispatches operatives disguised as Arabs into the Palestinian-controlled West Bank to abduct terrorist leaders and bring them to Israel for interrogation and trial.

Company C: An American's Life as a Citizen-Soldier in Israel by Haim Watzman (2007)
When American-born Haim Watzman immigrated to Israel, he was drafted into the army and, after eighteen months of compulsory service, assigned to Company C, the reserve infantry unit that would define the next twenty years of his life. From 1984 until 2002, for at least a month a year, Watzman, who had never aspired to military adventure, was a soldier.

Lonely Soldier: The Memoir of an American in the Israeli Army by Adam Harmon (2006)
He is an American citizen and an Israeli soldier. Now, in a stunning memoir, Adam Harmon recounts his service with one of the most effective and admired fighting forces in the world. Raised with a strong Jewish identity in New England, Harmon visited Israel as a teenager in 1984. He immediately knew he wanted to live there. Six years later, the Palestinian Intifida was under way and Iraq had invaded Kuwait. Just out of college, Harmon was back in Israel, joining the military. Without family in the country, he was designated a chayal boded, or lonely soldier.

A Soldier's Life: Inside the Israeli Army by Xeriqua Garfinkel (2002)
In the months leading up to Operation Defensive Shield, Xeriqua Garfinkel was the only photographer permitted to travel with units of the Israeli army. Her objective was to put a human face on the young men and women who risk their lives daily defending the Jewish homeland. In this deeply affecting collection of photographs, culled from the thousands taken during her stay, we meet the new inductees and the seasoned veterans, the artillery men and the border patrol officers, the mechanics and the combat soldiers. The dramatic reproductions are enhanced by text explaining the origin, evolution, and current workings of the Israel Defense Forces.

The Sword and the Olive: A Critical History of the Israeli Defense Force by Martin Van Creveld and Martin Van Creveld (2002)
The Israeli Defense Force has long been one of the world's most admired--and most mythologized--fighting forces. Combining razor-sharp analysis with dramatic narrative, vivid portraits of soldiers and commanders with illuminating discussions of battle tactics and covert actions, The Sword and the Olive traces the history of the IDF from its beginnings in Palestine to today. The book also goes beyond chronology to wrestle with the political and ethical struggles that have shaped the IDF and the country it serves--struggles that are manifesting themselves in the recent tragic escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Tools of the Trade (The Weapons, Gear & Uniforms of the IDF) by Samuel M. Katz (1991)
No description available

The Volunteer: The Incredible True Story of an Israeli Spy on the Trail of International Terrorists by Michael Ross and Jonathan Kay (2007)
When Michael Ross decided to go backpacking across Europe, he had no inkling that his vacation would lead to a life tracking down the world’s most dangerous terrorists. In Israel, out of money and alone, Ross began working on a Kibbutz—and fell in love with both the country and an Israeli woman. After converting to Judaism, Ross was recruited by the country’s secret service—the Mossad—as an undercover agent. In the years that followed, he played a significant role in capturing al-Qaeda members responsible for the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and worked jointly with the FBI and CIA to uncover a senior Hezbollah terrorist living in the United States. His never before revealed story makes an action-packed biography.

Warmachines No. 10 - IDF T-54, T-55, T-62 by Francois Verlinden (1991)
This tenth edition of the WARMACHINES series initiates the special 24 page mini-file, which utilizes the comparatively fewer available photographs to document a worthy subject. Following the many wars fought by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), large quantities of captured enemy equipment were pressed into Israeli service following extensive modifications. The vehicles in question covered in this unique publication include the Soviet-built T-54, T-55, and T-62 Main Battle Tanks, which, after modifications by the IDF Ordnance Corps, were designated as the Tiran 4, Tiran 5, and Tiran 6, respectively. Such modifications included communications equipment upgrades, stowage modifications, armament replacement, and of course, new painting and markings.


Beaufort (Beaufort) The story of a group of Israeli soldiers stationed in an outpost prior to the withdrawal of forces of 2000. (2007)

Burning Memories Garry a reserve soldier who survived the Lebanon war, undergoes group therapy with other shell shocked soldiers. After three exhausting weeks of therapy, Garry returns home to face his memories alone.

Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer (Giv’a 24 Eina Ona) Hill 24 is one of the foothills dominating the approach to Jerusalem. The night before a cease-fire, to be imposed by the United Nations to stop the Israeli-Arab war, four Israeli volunteers set out to hold the hill until morning, in order to be able to claim it for Israel. This movie was the first movie produced in Israel. (1955)

Metzizim Gote and Eli are two aging friends who don’t want to age. Gote is a lifeguard who's fighting peepers on the Tel-Aviv beach. Eli is a guitar player who dreams of building a night club in Altman's restaurant. (1972)

One of Us (Echad Mishelanu) Comrades in arms are at the center of an investigation in a military unit. Should they cover for their friend or be loyal to their conscience. (1989)

Real Time (Z’man Emet) The only hope of an IDF ex colonel to clear his name after it has been dragged through the mud in a military investigation is the testimony of a witness who lays unconscious in the hospital. (1990)

Repeat Dive (Z’lilah Chozeret) Mira's husband, who was killed in a commando mission asked a good friend, to marry Mira if something will happen to him. Mira marries the friend. The fear of losing another husband hangs over her. (1980)

Time for Cherries Muki, a reserve soldier serving in Lebanon just before the IDF's retreat is trying to document his soon to come death (1990)

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