Adult Education & Melton


  • For adults of all educational backgrounds
  • No homework, grades, exams, or lecturing
  • Offered at convenient times throughout Miami-Dade County
  • Semester or year-long courses starting in October and February
  • A wide variety of high-quality courses and subjects taught by master faculty

CAJE is proud to offer a wide-range of high-quality community courses in partnership with many organizations in Miami-Dade. Classes and courses are of various lengths—single experience, semester-long (10-12 weeks) and year-long (26-27 weeks).

Contact us to find out which one is right for you: Carla Spector #305-576-4030 x128, 139

We are proud to partner with the acclaimed Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. The Melton School is the fastest growing, pluralistic Jewish learning program for adults in the world, with thousands of students enrolling each year in over 50 locations throughout the world. Our Miami site has over 800 graduates from our campuses in North Miami Beach, Miami Beach, and South Dade/Kendall. Melton's university-caliber faculty and curricula offer a survey of the most important elements within Jewish Culture and Judaic Studies for a non-university price.  Graduates receive a Certificate of Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in recognition of the significance of their learning.

The Melton School Core Curriculum is a comprehensive, sequential series of text-based lessons, comprised of four courses. Each course focuses on at least one major area of Jewish learning, and forms a thread in a carefully woven fabric which integrates Jewish history, culture, ritual, language, ethics, philosophy, literature, theology and contemporary Jewish life.

Graduate level courses take students on a 10-12 week journey in classic and modern texts and ideas that have shaped Jewish perspectives for thousands of years.





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