Dr. Robert Watson: George Washington's Final Battle

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Thursday, July 1st

George Washington is remembered for leading the Continental Army to victory, presiding over the founding of the Constitution, and forging a new nation. Few know the story of his involvement in the establishment of a capital city and how it nearly tore the United States apart.
In this special presentation, Dr. Watson will bring this tale to life, telling how the country's first President tirelessly advocated for a capital on the shores of the Potomac. Washington's vision and influence live on in the city that bears his name.
This little-known story of founding provides a historical lesson in leadership and consensus-building that remains relevant today.

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Q & A
Moderated by
Karen DeCou Rudow
Adult Learning Advisory Board Member

Dr. Robert Watson 
Distinguished Professor of American History at Lynn University and the author and editor of more than forty books. He is a frequent media commentator and activist who has founded three nonprofit think tanks dedicated to civic education, political reform, and fact-checking political campaigns. Dr. Watson is a dynamic and engaging speaker, scholar and storyteller, and a valued friend of CAJE's Department of Adult Learning & Growth.

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