A Photo Journal by Silvio Frydman

Posted on 05/03/2019 @ 03:00 PM

"On Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, I walked in my name, in your name, and in their name, from Auschwitz to Birkenau along with thousands of people from every corner of this planet, every generation and every physical condition that came to pay their respects to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and to confront and denounce antisemitism and any form of hate. 

The warm temperature, the grass, and the flowers challenge one’s senses when confronted with the reality that in those grounds millions of people were murdered and that those grounds have been fertilized with human ashes, blood and tears, mostly of Jewish victims as part of an ethnic cleansing effort called ‘The Final Solution’ by the Nazis and their many collaborators. 

The March of the Living is our unequivocal statement that we will not forget. But moreso, to quote Jacob Solomon, President and CEO of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, "this is a call for action" and not to remain passive.

On that note, I am immensely humbled and proud of the opening of the traveling bilingual exhibit ASYMMETRIES at the Miami Beach JCC Art Gallery. ASYMMETRIES is a partnership project, between CAJE and me, inspired by previous March of the Living experiences.

I hope we can tour it together one day. It will remain there until August 6th and it has been booked throughout 2021." - Silvio Frydman, written May 2, 2019 from The Leo Martin March of the Living experience in Poland.

They were stripped of their dignity, left homeless, their families killed and their possessions stolen, yet here they return to hell having resurfaced from the horror and the ashes as symbols of human fortitude and Jewish tenacity. A ‘new’ Poland greets them ironically with these cartoons.

Left to right: Allan Hall, Helen Chaset (second generation), Peter Tarjan and Laszlo Selly.

After marching from Auschwitz to Birkenau alongside over 10,000 participants from 52 countries.

Never again!

Am Israel Chai!

Left to right: Silvio Frydman, Laszlo Selly, Helen Chaset, Peter Tarjan and Allan Hall. 

Today we experienced the Warsaw cemetery and Treblinka. There were many educational and meaningful highlights this week. The eagerness of the participants to learn, to participate and to experience individually and as a community is inspiring. These teenagers are the best evidence we are cementing the foundation of a vibrant and committed leadership. 

Story of heroism and martyrdom: Image of a “young  smuggler” from the Warsaw Guetto across the Warsaw cemetery. Thousands of young children “sacrificed” their lives to provide for basic food and medicines to the Guetto population, many times in empty coffins.


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