Asymmetries Exhibit at ATJC in Aventura

Posted on 08/13/2019 @ 01:00 PM

The traveling bilingual exhibit Asymmetries-a second educational partnership between the internationally awarded artist / photographer / curator Silvio D. Frydman and CAJE- is now on its fourth stop in the United States at the Sylvia and Charles Wilner Pavilion of ATJC, Aventura.
This journey is highly interactive as it forces the audience to confront and become conscious of their own Asymmetries. The exhibit reveals how the Jewish people have dealt with the biggest Asymmetries in their history and gained an even deeper appreciation for life. The artist has been conducting regular private guided tours to capacity.
This bilingual traveling exhibit will be in display at this location through November. 
Contact ATJC or the artist-photographer at to view the exhibit or schedule a guided tour.



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