Becoming a Soulful Parent

Posted on 02/14/2020 @ 12:00 PM

Every parent wonders how to be the best possible parent. But how does one learn how to be one? And who knows what that is? 

This week, as part of the Jewish Resource Specialist (JRS) Initiative, and a collaboration with our Adult Education and Growth, CAJE welcomed Dasee Berkowitz, the director of BECOMING A SOULFUL PARENT, a six week program for parents, developed by AYEKA: Center for Soulful Education. Educators who work with young children and their parents learned that often times the best parenting tips come from looking inward, and listening to our internal wisdom. 

Over two days, a group of JRS educators, Early Childhood Education Directors, teachers and clergy participated in training to become facilitators for the Becoming a Soulful Parent course.  The training required each participant to experience the course first-hand in order to find and connect to his/ her own “soul stories” and “soul voice.” 

Through Jewish text study, reflective writing and sharing, the course guides participants to consider what it means to see the spark of God within their children and to celebrate their uniqueness and own sense of purpose in the world.  The course also invites parenting partners to consider their approaches to parenting, recognizing that both similar viewpoints and differences add a dimension of perspective that is essential in navigating the journey of being a soulful parent.

Being able to offer the Becoming a Soulful Parent course is a benefit to the Early Childhood Education programs that participated in the trainingAlper JCC, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus, MAR JCC, Temple Beth Sholom and Temple JudeaIn addition to our partner organizations offering Soulful Parenting courses, CAJE will also be able to offer them open to the entire community.  Parents are looking for parenting advice and what better way to get it than through the lens of Jewish wisdom, soulful reflection and building community with other parents who are on the same journey.  

For information about the Becoming a Soulful Parent course, 
please contact Joy Schandler 305-576-4030 ext. 113.


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