Posted on 08/30/2019 @ 01:00 PM

The new school year has begun and with it, CAJE's Day School Department presents professional development workshops focusing on our innovative program: #JBlendMiami.

CAJE continues to partner with the AviChai Foundation to introduce teachers and administrators to the newest research-based strategies enabling them to improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools.

CAJE recognizes the critical importance of ongoing support for teachers as they implement new strategies in their classrooms – research shows that just like great athletes need coaching, so do great teachers.

Based on the success of the past two years, Better Lesson is back!  Chelsia Calvert, Meirav Kravetz and Juan Matos returned to meet with last year's cohort to reflect on their progress and set goals for this upcoming year. They then gathered with a new cohort of teachers for a 2-day workshop to start them on their personalized learning journey.

Teachers from Hebrew Academy (RASG), Hochberg Lower School Posnack-East, Lehrman Community Day School, Mechina of South Florida, Scheck Hillel Community School and Toras Emes Academy explored the latest strategies for engaging today's learners, discover creative ways to set up their classroom to accommodate different learning styles and determine a focus for professional growth during their bi-weekly coaching sessions.


To learn more about
 #JBlendMiami and its impact on our schools, please watch this YouTube Video.


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