CAJE’s Work with Day Schools Enables Them to Adapt

Posted on 08/21/2020 @ 08:00 AM

Tags: Jewish Schools & Educational Services

For day school and Yeshiva educators in Miami, school was never “out for the summer” this year. Miami Jewish Day Schools pivoted from “crisis schooling” during the first weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic, to virtual learning and preparing for a 2020-21 school year with many unknowns immediately thereafter. 
Through all of these transitions, CAJE has been there for our Day Schools and Yeshivot with real time support and opportunities to plan for opening this coming school year with many variables and unknowns, yet with a deep, ongoing commitment to quality.
Now more than ever, we are seeing the fruits of our educational labors. We have heard repeatedly from JBlend schools how well-prepared they felt they were as a result of their participation in JBlend and how much more they currently need from us, because of the significant changes taking place in every classroom and with every age group. 
We are thrilled to share that over these past months, JBlend has expanded to include all of Miami’s funded day schools - including Toras Emes, Rohr Middle School, Mechina and Yeshiva Elementary School. This is a huge breakthrough!
During the summer, we are excited to report that we launched:

  • an online workshop series for school leadership teams (comprised of administrators and teachers from every single Miami day school and yeshivah) that focused on leveraging lessons learned from this past spring in order to intentionally develop a vision and flexible approach to learning for the 2020-2021 school year, 
  • four-part EdTech Boot Camp series to prepare teachers for the upcoming school year. 

It was very inspiring to see our community of schools come together to share ideas, network, and learn from each other. From their own past and present experiences, they now know from our persistent and ongoing CAJE efforts in professional development that they are stronger working together than separately.
As Miami schools are planning and revising their back-to-school plans, one thing is certain: in order to succeed, teacher and administrator professional development is essential. 
CAJE in partnership with school leaders will address key areas for continued support as the school year unfolds, and we will continue investing in the instructional capacity of our network of Jewish day schools and Yeshivot so they can thrive during these uncertain times
We look forward to keeping you posted!