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You do the math:

Legos + 9 Jewish Day Schools + an internationally renowned robotics team from Yerucham + experts from the FIRST Lego League = ?

The answer is: an exciting and fun Miami Jewish Day School Robotics Festival!

Everyone knows that Legos are great connectors, especially when they bring the students from our diverse network of Jewish day schools and yeshivot together to showcase the Space Mission Robotics challenges they have been learning throughout the year.

We are all still buzzing from the excitement of Monday’s 3rd Annual Miami Jewish Day School Robotics Festival funded by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Miami - Yerucham Partnership and facilitated by our very own CAJE’s Day School Department. 

Our 9 participating schools: Brauser Maimonides Academy, Gordon School, Hebrew Academy (RASG), Hochberg Lower School– Posnack East, Lehrman Community Day School, Temple Beth Am Day School, Toras Emes Academy, Scheck Hillel Community School, and Yeshiva Elementary School worked diligently to get ready for the Festival alongside our local coach, Ilana Traub (#LehrmanDaySchool), during the year, and more recently this past week, with teens from the Yerucham Science Center.

With the help of the 11 teens and 3 coaches from Yerucham as well as experts from the FIRST Lego League, this year’s Festival was a huge success! Students from the participating schools could barely contain their excitement as they were greeted with cheers by some of Scheck Hillel Community School’s third and fourth graders.

One parent from Lehrman Community Day School confirmed her daughter’s enthusiasm on the day of the Festival:

“My daughter never got out of bed as fast as she did the morning of the Robotics Festival!”

It was a fun-filled, educational day. The children learned to collaborate and work in teams in order to succeed in each challenge. Lay leaders and parents got to see first-hand how our students use science and mathematics to complete their Robotics missions. At the end of the Festival, each team was acknowledged and received a certificate plus a medal for their hard work.

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