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This past Sunday, Miami Diller Teen Fellows Cohort 6 celebrated their graduation from the program after 12 months as Fellows. During this beautiful evening, the teens highlighted their accomplishments, shared their plans for their impact projects that they will be completing in the Miami community over the next several months, screened a video slideshow of memories from the last 15 months, were presented with graduation certificates, and shared reflections on their time in the Fellowship program.

Below are some excerpts from several of the Fellows' speeches they gave on Sunday evening: 

“Diller has helped me develop new leadership skills, broaden my perspective of Judaism, strengthen my personal Jewish Identity, and most importantly, a confidence that, along with my fellow participants, have the power to redirect the world’s mentality when it comes to global communication, relationships, and responsibility.”
– Shuli Rosenfeld 

“Diller has connected me with my Jewish Identity and I feel more connected to my community than ever before. From fun programming to learning about how other Jews celebrate Shabbat, Diller helped me learn about Judaism all over the world. I am forever grateful for the lasting memories I created throughout my Diller experience.”
– Jonathan Marcovich

“The Diller Teen Fellows Program has helped me grow tremendously as a person and as a Jew. After completing this year-long program, travelling to Israel, meeting amazing Jewish people from around the world, and collaborating with my fellows from both Miami and Yerucham, I have a clearer understanding of what Judaism means to me. And most importantly, I have gained life-long friends near and far that I will continue to cherish forever.” 
– Amanda Mechaber

“When I started at Diller, I didn't know nearly as much about leadership, about how to perceive myself as a leader, nor even about the State of Israel, as I do now. I believe my myriad of experiences during the past year or so in the program have come to shape who I am today, and will certainly influence who I might become in the future. When it comes to Diller, I can only think about how it has improved my life experience.”
– Ivan Berlin

“Through the past year, I have had the pleasure of taking part in something truly amazing. Since our first meeting last September until now, I have had the pleasure of experiencing many amazing events and activities, learning so much, and meeting some of the people in the world.”
– Ben Grosz


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