Diller Cohort 6 Takes Off

Posted on 11/17/2017 @ 10:10 AM

Tags: Diller Teen Fellows, Teen Education & Engagement

What started as a weekend with a group of teenagers who barely knew each other, ended as a weekend in which Cohort 6 of the Diller Teen Fellows felt bonded, part of the Diller community, and excited for what the rest of their Fellowship year has in store.

Over the weekend of November 17-19, Cohort 5 of Diller Miami participated in their Jewish Identity Shabbaton at Gold Coast Camp in Lake Worth, Florida. Throughout the Shabbaton, they dug deeper into what their overall and Jewish identities mean to them, something most of them had never done before.

The Fellows learned about the Amidah through a creative movement activity, discussing about what prayer means to them and how and why they do or do not connect to it. They wrestled with their questions about Parshat Toldot, the weekly Torah portion, and if they thought Jacob or Esau was the "right one" in the story. They celebrated Shabbat together and participated in rituals such as Kiddush and Havdalah, which some of the Fellows had never experience beforeand others had not in quite a while. And of course, they were introduced to some special Diller traditions that will continue at workshops and Shabbatonim in the future.

During the Shabbaton, the Fellows also participated in team building and bonding activities, as well as had the first chance in the program to test their leadership skills and plan programming for one another. They concluded the weekend on Sunday morning by making a video introducing themselves to the Yerucham Diller Teen Fellows and a program about what facets would make up their ideal Jewish community and how they can work toward this during their time in Diller and in the years to come as future Jewish leaders in this community.

The Fellows of Cohort 6 of Diller Miami are a group of highly motivated teens who are excited to continue their leadership and identity development during the rest of their year in the program.