Early Childhood Network -- Shining A Light!

Posted on 12/20/2019 @ 02:00 PM

Chanukah and Early Childhood Education have much in common, as demonstrated in our recent Jewish Early Childhood Network (JECN) meeting

Katy Horowitz and Sharon Eichberg, co-directors of Gan Katan, presented an interactive program for their colleagues exploring one of Chanukah’s motifs- bringing light into darkness and connecting it to children with special learning needs. They explained:

On the chanukiah, (the 8 branched menorah used on Chanukah) the shamash stands apart and has the job of lighting all the candles. Each night, with each new candle, the shamash increases the light brought into our public spaces.

The perceptive, caring early childhood teacher is the shamash, the “lamplighter” for his/her children. S/he recognizes the “light” within each of the children and brings to light their talents and potential.

Early childhood teachers stoke the flames of curiosity, wonder and awe in all of their children, feeding the flame with tinder that is just right for each child.

The love of learning is a right and privilege of all children. Our task, as early childhood educators, is to recognize the uniqueness of all of our children and with love and compassion, light the way for them to succeed and flourish.

For information about our Early Childhood Education department, please contact Joy Schandler 305-576-4030 ext. 113.


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