How CAJE Brings the Day School Community Together During the Pandemic and All Year Long

Posted on 05/26/2020 @ 01:00 PM

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One of the unique features of our Miami community is the collegial relationships among our day schools regardless of denomination, which is not something normative in other communities.

For over 6 years, CAJE has convened a Coalition of Miami Admissions Directors (CMAD) which now boasts over 15 admissions directors from the tri-county area and meets monthly. This might come as a surprise because Admissions offices actually compete with one another!

Yet, through the leadership of Audrey Maman, CAJE’s Project Manager for School Markets, CMAD meetings have enabled schools to develop common applications and forms, gather important information such as tuition and application fees, track enrollment and attrition as well as discuss common admission processes and how those are managed in each school.

“...This collaborative effort has truly broken down barriers between our schools. Now more than ever, schools need to work together to ensure our fiscal health and academic evolution. I have…brought what I have attained from these effective gatherings directly back to Hebrew Academy and implemented for the betterment of our school enrollment.”

Dr. Ami Eskanos, Director of Admissions, Hebrew Academy (RASG)

As the leading educational agency for day schools in Miami-Dade, CAJE is responsible for convening multiple networks of professionals from the tri-county area several times a year.

Along with Federation, CAJE holds weekly meetings with the Heads of our ten funded day schools where open discussions and feedback are welcomed.

“The weekly meetings hosted by CAJE and Federation for principals and heads of schools have been very helpful during this pandemic. It has been so beneficial to have this time to collaborate with local leaders, share ideas, and navigate this uncharted territory together. These meetings further strengthen this collaborative community of educators as everyone works together to strategize and plan for the future.”

Ella Curtiss, Principal of The Gordon School

As soon as we learned that New York had started closing its day schools due to COVID-19, CAJE played a pivotal role in convening the heads of school, along with Federation.

Prizmah, the national organization for day schools, recognized CAJE’s role as a network weaver by sending a letter CAJE crafted on behalf of our funded schools: 

“I’m sharing a great letter from our friends in Miami and CAJE that might be helpful as some of you craft messages around the spread of Coronavirus.
This message is a wonderful display of community coordination that takes some of the burden off school leaders and send a unified community message. Kol ha-kavod!”

Marc Wolf, Vice President for Field Advancement at Prizmah 

As the pandemic continues to evolve and the future of our day schools remain uncertain, these meetings remain a crucial source of information both for our heads of school and for the community at large. This cohort continues to collaborate and consult with one another on decisions involving tuition, credits, and potential scenarios for next year.

When it comes to community, collaboration, and strengthening partnerships among our schools, CAJE plays a vital role in strengthening the entire day school system.


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