If you will it, it is no dream...

Posted on 07/01/2022 @ 06:00 AM

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The culmination of the Diller Teen Fellows Cohort 9 program year is about to happen as the Fellows depart for the Israel Summer Seminar this Sunday, July 3rd!
For three weeks, Diller Teen Fellows will be immersed in the thematic narrative guiding their trip: If you will it, it is no dream. Change-makers and history shakers." 
In addition to seeing many of the main tourist sites in Israel, they will also encounter Israel through the stories of the varying types of people who live there: Jews of different religious and ethnic (origin) backgrounds, ethnic and religious minorities in Israel, people with disabilities, members of the Israeli Defense Forces, at-risk youth, and more.
The Fellows will have the opportunity to form deep personal connections with Israel, not only through these encounters and experiences, but especially through their one-week immersion with Miami's partnership community of Yerucham in the Negev. 

The Fellows will join with the Yerucham Diller Fellows throughout the week and will have the opportunity to spend time with host familiesClick here to learn about the vibrant Yerucham community.
The Fellows will also take their leadership to the next level as they lead programming for both communities during our time in Yerucham.
Lastly, what better way to truly understand what Jewish Peoplehood is all about than by spending five days at the Diller Teen Fellows Global Congress at which almost 750 people from the 32 Diller communities spanning six continents join together for programming around Diller’s six core experiences.
The Fellows will return from Israel with a global network, friends from all over the world, a connection to both the people and the land of Israel, and an enriched sense of self.

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Nisiyah Tovah / Safe Travels to Diller Miami Cohort 9!