#JBlendMiami Prepared Our Schools for This!

Posted on 05/06/2020 @ 01:00 PM

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In mid-March our schools found themselves overnight in an entirely new educational landscape, as our community began to shelter-at-home. Some teachers and schools who had avoided  and resisted the opportunity to embrace technology as an instructional tool are now being forced to experiment and innovate in real time - unfortunately, without the professional learning support they are accustomed to.

Who was prepared? The #JBlendMiami schools and their educators who have been experimenting with blended and personalized learning approaches for years now! They are thriving and energized in this new reality.

The day schools that have been part of the CAJE-led #JBlendMiami initiative for the past 5 years found themselves ready and able to quickly pivot to the virtual space. Because of the ongoing collaborative learning environments existing within each school and amongst the network of schools, the agility and quick adaptations to our current reality was not as challenging or frightening.

Thankfully just as the Covid-19 era emerged, Julie Lambert, Senior Education Consultant, and Valerie Mitrani, Director of Day School Strategy and Initiatives, had just completed a community listening tour which included onsite visits to all funded Jewish Day schools to assess and collect data around their student learning and professional development needs. Then Covid-19 arrived. Thus, we have reconvened online gatherings of these same leaders to identify new needs and challenges based on this new reality and what might be coming next.

During these times, when schools may need to reduce or eliminate their professional development budgets due to economic uncertainties, CAJE-Miami is able to step in. We have the ability to offer Miami Jewish day schools several resources - human and financial - to support professional development in order to maintain and increase educational quality.

CAJE’s capacity, knowledge and expertise in both professional development design and implementation as well as coaching support will serve as a valuable resource to schools moving forward. And now there are more schools interested in participating in a new #JBlendMiami cohort.

In addition, by leveraging Title IIA Federal funding for non-public schools, CAJE will be able to engage external content-specific experts on behalf of our day schools if or when they don’t have professional development monies to do so on their own. 

“Change has become part of the texture of life itself, but there are few things harder to bear than constant flux and uncertainty.”
-- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

We also know new opportunities will emerge from this crisis. CAJE and the powerful network of Jewish day schools are ready to embrace these opportunities in service of all learners.  

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