March with Us! A Reflection on the 2019 March

Posted on 05/17/2019 @ 01:00 PM

A Reflection on the 2019

Leo Martin March of the Living

Written by Matthew Lansburgh, a 12th grade student. 

We just completed a long, emotional journey. We spent one week in Poland, seeing the unimaginable horrors and atrocities; and one week in Israel, where we laughed, smiled, and appreciated. We’ve cried, pondered, and grown as people. What does this all mean to us now? How do we use what we experienced to shape our lives positively, and make a positive change around us? 

Here is my answer to that. I plan to take all the things that I learned, all the sadness, frustration, and anger to empower me, to push boundaries, to push myself, and to teach and inspire everyone around me. I will use this journey as a source of positive energy to show how much I love Israel, how much I love being Jewish, how much I appreciate the community that I am a part of, and how much I appreciate the unbreakable bonds and friendships I’ve made.

I use that energy to become an unstoppable force in uniting the Jewish community for good. I will use what I witnessed to encourage myself to never be a bystander, to never abide by any sort of hate, and always stand up for those who cannot. I am now armed with knowledge that I will never lose and I recognize that it is my responsibility to share this information.  The lessons I have learned have been eye-opening and the tools acquired priceless.

I promise to never forget.

As Tony Robbins, American author, philanthropist and life coach said, “Defy the odds! Set a new standard! Step up!” And because of my experience on the 2019 Miami Leo Martin March of the Living, this is exactly what I intend to do.

To view photos from the March experience, please link to SmugMug


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