March With Us! Days 3-7

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Day 3 Visiting Auschwitz (Museum) and Birkenau

A student searches for his family name in the six-and-a-half-foot-high volume of the Book of Names that lists the 4.2 million known victims of the Holocaust (a million and a half were murdered in the areas east of Poland and buried in pits and forests). The entire exhibit stretches out over an entire large room. As one witness put it: “It is the thickest book I have ever seen before and I hope to never see another one like it again.”

The crematorium next to the gas chambers in Auschwitz. These were mainly used for Russian POWs and Polish prisoners. Birkenau, an adjacent camp, was where several more crematoria were built and where most Jews were murdered.

In Birkenau. She says it all.

Day 4: The March from Auschwitz to Birkenau

Miami prepares to March.

Each student is given a paddle to write on as a memorial and then place inside Birkenau.

The March begins as we pass under the infamous sign. Rabbi Matan Peled leads the way.

Marching with 10,000 people in a sea of blue and white pride.

Placing the paddles in the train tracks of Birkenau.

Day 5: Warsaw Cemetery and Treblinka

Memorial to the children murdered in the Shoah.

A sea of memorial stones… all that remains at Treblinka.

A private moment.

Day 6: Warsaw/ Shabbat & Havdallah

Day 7: Majdanek

Thousands of shoes—Majdanek was a death and work camp where much of the booty the Nazis stole from people was processed.

Touching the evil makes it real for teenagers.

Contemplating the gigantic, circular Mausoleum at the Majdanek Memorial Site which stands at the end of the former "black path" to the crematorium. It holds the ashes of the 18,000 Jews murdered nearby on November 3, 1943, the largest mass execution carried out at any of the concentration camps in the history of the Holocaust. The victims were the last remnants of the Jewish population in the Lublin district.

To view more photos from the trip, please link to SmugMug


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