Meeting of the Minds

Posted on 11/22/2019 @ 12:00 PM

An Orthodox Rabbi, a Reform Rabbi, and a doctor (Ph.D.) walk into a room…Don’t worry, this isn’t the start of a bad joke. This is actually the diversity of people we expect when our network of Principals and Administrators get together for a PAC (Principals and Administrators Council) meeting.

At PAC, CAJE brings together principals and administrators to discuss timely and important issues facing the day school community. The PAC network ensures ongoing communication and advocacy for the needs of the day schools and provides a collegial community in which topics of interest are brought up for discussion and problem solving. 

This year’s PAC is chaired by Rabbi Avi Bossewitch, Dean of Academics and Innovation at the Hebrew Academy (RASG). At its first meeting, PAC members met the new Miami Community Shlicha, Tamar Kolombus, learned the full scope of what CAJE’s Day School department does, and engaged in a discussion of how to revise criteria for Hebrew/ Judaic teacher certification through the Greater Miami Board of License.

This year, PAC undertook a revision of the criteria for certification in order to minimize barriers to achieving certification while maintaining the integrity of the process. The revised guidelines integrate feedback from all stakeholders and include consideration for the variety of new venues in which teachers can access professional development, which has evolved considerably since the last revision of the criteria.  

In contrast to many communities in North America in which Orthodox heads of school do not sit with non-Orthodox heads of school, our Miami PAC network is an example of intrareligious collaboration. Despite our differences, PAC focuses on our shared passion for Jewish education and mutual commitment to providing the highest quality teachers and learning to our students. 


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