MJFF Presents The Marquee Series

Posted on 10/21/2022 @ 06:00 AM

Tags: Miami Jewish Film Festival

Photo by Felipe Bustillo on Unsplash

Some people wonder what CAJE is doing running a film festival???
And we say that cinema is actually an intrinsic part of Jewish education. It is one of the most accessible and experiential educational devices that exist.
Film reaches deep into the consciousness and there is no limit to ideas and perspectives on any given subject. One person’s ideas and their perspective always shines a light on another, and another... visiting the world of film is like walking into a new universe. To get there, all you need to do is open the doorway and join in!
That’s why our Miami Jewish Film Festival is here. We are that portal to new worlds, new thinking, limitless understanding and the fellowship on your journey.
When people get together under the big screen, or any screen really, and share the experience, the popcorn... we transcend space, time, age, nationality, gender, etc. We can see ‘what it is’ and ‘how it is’ in to be in someone else’s shoes. Cinema, arts and culture, it is the great human connecter. We are one people under 'the big screen'.
Come watch some films with us.

The Miami Jewish Film Festival, the world's largest festival of its kind, is thrilled to announce its inaugural Marquee Series created to whet Festivalgoers' appetites for next year's 26th edition running January 12-26, 2023.
This series will take place over four days (October 26-30), and premiere highly-touted films from Cannes, Berlin, and Jerusalem; Oscar hopefuls; and international box office sensations from around the world.

To learn more visit miamijewishfilmfestival.org