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Dr. Leon Weissberg wraps up an amazing semester of exploring Bereshit (Genesis), From Adam to Abraham: The First Twenty Generations. This in-depth course is one of our Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum from the Melton School. Be on the lookout, Bereshit (Genesis) Part II - The Story of the First Jewish Family, will be offered as part of our Fall semester, scheduled to begin after the High Holy Days. #SelfiesWithScholars 

“So why Melton? I believe being a learned Jew is more important than ever.

As we face an increase in antisemitism, grapple with controversial situations in Israel, and raise children and grandchildren who are confronted with questions and need better answers, it is critical that we really know who we are and what Judaism is all about.  I believe that Melton offers that core. Whether you had little, or more extensive Jewish education and experiences growing up, what and how you were taught as a youth, is not what satisfies or even makes sense as an adult.  As we grapple with adult life, the richness, depth, and wisdom that Judaism has to offer us, is enormous.  Understanding the holidays as an adult, Jewish ethics, what our rituals are really about, etc. are subjects covered in depth in the curriculum.  The sources used come from ancient and modern texts; from the Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox perspectives. So, it is all-inclusive from the wide range of Jewish points of view. I encourage you to register and tell your friends to come with you so you can continue the conversation with them and expand the community of knowledgeable Jews.” - Genia Neuhaus

“As I reflect on the Melton classes, the Rabbis who taught me and my classmates who shared my journey, I realize that when I began, I had little understanding of what being Jewish meant.

Melton has shown me that it’s not only about being Jewish. It’s about feeling Jewish. Learning about the symbols, rituals, prayers and holidays that commemorate the Jewish people’s journey, how Jewish laws were created and how over the thousands of years they were interpreted leading to how we as Jews today live our lives – I realized the course work just scratched the surface. But for me the coursework and discussions went well below my surface and touched me deeply. I wish for others to have this same experience by being part of Melton.” - Lori Fein


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