Teens Connecting During Quarantine

Posted on 05/01/2020 @ 01:00 PM

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By successfully using platforms such as Zoom and enginuity, CAJE and Diller leadership have strategically built programs and opportunities for Diller Fellows and Alumni to move beyond the traditional in-person ways we used to connect.

One example is the building of a Havdalah program for the current cohort and alumni. Diller Staff mailed Havdalah kits (candle, spices, and prayer guides) to the homes of the Fellows from Cohort 7 and Alumni from Cohort 6. The Alumni prepared a beautiful virtual Havdalah program for the current Fellows, building connection and camaraderie across the years.

Over 40 teens attended! But more than the numbers, our Havdalah program provided an opportunity to welcome the new week together with the strength of community, in a time when so many teens (and others) feel isolated.

Cohort 7 is holding weekly (or more) virtual gatherings with their Diller Staff so CAJE can support the variety of emotions teens are feeling during this time. The weekly consistency of the virtual Diller gatherings has also helped our teens build structure that gives them a sense of normalcy.

Miami is also known for its entrepreneurial ways and warm culture. So it’s no surprise that our teens in Cohort 7 decided to hold a Zoom “World Tour” by reaching out to other Diller Teen cohorts across the globe! Their idea embodied one of the key Diller principles of peoplehood as they connected with other Jewish Diller Teens across Israel, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, and South America.

Miami’s Diller Fellows are using the time we are physically distancing to find more opportunities for virtual connection through the global network that Diller provides. 

Do you know a teen entering 10th or 11th grade in 2020-2021 who may be looking for connection or interested in tapping into a global network?

CLICK HERE to learn how they can apply for Cohort 8! Applications are open through May 31st.  


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