The Next Generation of Witnesses

Posted on 05/31/2019 @ 01:00 PM

“We were arm in arm holding the dirt from Israel, facing the fields of Majdanek that 18,000 Jews were murdered on and Allan held me and said, ‘always remember, this will never happen to you or to your kids or to your grandkids because you and everyone else here will teach them to resist.’ Hearing Allan say that really impacted me because I truly felt that no matter what, my generation would never ever let something as terrible as the Holocaust happen again. It empowered me to really believe in the words, never again.” - Essence Slomianski

“Not only did the survivors teach me about their unique stories and perspectives, but I was also able to connect with them on a personal level that taught me lessons I will use for the rest of my life.” - Niv Landau

 I will use what I witnessed to encourage myself to never be a bystander, to never abide by any sort of hate, and always stand up for those who cannot. I am now armed with knowledge that I will never lose and I recognize that it is my responsibility to share this information  The lessons I have learned have been eye-opening and the tools acquired priceless. I promise to never forget.” - Matthew Lansburgh

“I am so beyond proud to have been able to be a part of the life changing experience that is the March of the Living. I have found a new sense of pride for the Jewish identity and community that I have and I hope to continue to embrace it and allow it to grow as I move on to college and in the future.” - Julia Tannenbaum

“The March was truly the most impactful experience of my life thus far. Being able to walk through the camps where my ancestors died helped me realize that as Jews it is our duty to not only stick together but to protect each other – Amanda Scheck 

“After this trip, I am no longer the same person , thank you for this excellent experience” - Anonymous survey

“I believe that a Jew must have three pairs of eyes that represent memory, action, and vision. One pair always looking at the past and understanding its lessons (memory). The second pair looking at the present, applying the lessons of the past, and laying the foundation for the future (action). The third, focusing on what kind of future we wish to create, based on the lessons of the past and present (vision). Maybe that is the most important lesson we can teach the world.” - Gene Greenzweigz”l, Miami March of the Living Founder

"You call me 'Your Survivor' because I shared my stories with you. You say that you will never forget the stories you heard on the March of the Living. Maybe, if you tell the stories to your children and your children's children, the strength, tradition and memory of the Jewish people will live on - L'dorVa'dor, from generation to generation.”- Leo Martin, namesake of our Miami March


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