The Shekhinah Was Among Us!

Posted on 11/22/2019 @ 12:00 PM

"When [at least 2] people sit together and words of Torah are spoken between them, the Shekhinah [G!D] bides among them... "

- Pirkei Avot/ Teachings of the Sages 3:2

Rabbi Laila Haas, CAJE’s Director of Adult Learning (pictured above), was invited to teach a session with the International Board of Directors of the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning as they held their board retreat here in Miami. They focused on the powerful Torah text from Genesis 12:1-9 of G-d’s call to Abram, Lech Lecha/ Go forth, to discuss mission, purpose, and impact. As one of the newest members of the Melton community, Rabbi Haas was thrilled to meet members of Florence Melton’s family and get to know people from around the world who are passionate about maintaining a vibrant Adult Jewish Learning community.

Members of CAJE’s Adult Learning Advisory Board joined the Melton International Board members for a special lunch and learn. Both groups, who had not met before, immediately felt a strong connection to one another because of their shared love of Jewish learning. The conversation was dynamic as people shared their insight and unpacked the meaning of the text. It was a living example of how learning Torah and our sacred teachings bring people together in a powerful way.

Rabbi Morey Schwartz, International Director of Melton, invited Miami’s Adult Learning chair, Becky Herrup, to share with those gathered about the work of Miami’s Advisory committee and the Miami Melton learning community. The International Board was blown away by what we do here in Miami! It was a beautiful morning of community celebrating the profound impact of life-long Jewish learning. 

A final note. Last night Rabbi Haas received the following text message from a first-time Melton student:

“I hated having to miss my class this morning... Can we set a time to talk about Noah and the deeper meaning? Can you believe I’m sending this text?!?”

This is the power of the Melton & More Adult Learning experience! It sparks the inner flame within us, brings people together to engage in words of Torah, and invites the presence of the Divine to abide among us.  


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