Who Am I and Who Are We?

Posted on 11/15/2019 @ 12:00 PM

Miami’s Diller Teen Fellows Cohort 7 experienced their first Shabbaton last weekend where they were able to reflect upon their own identities and how they can come together as a group.

Fellows spent time understanding the week’s Parsha, or Torah portion, Lech LechaLech Lecha, which can be translated as “go to yourself,” provided a platform for the teens to begin to think about who they are as leaders, within the context of their Jewish identities.

The fellows explored their identities in relationship to their Judaism and communities. This cohort is comprised of a uniquely diverse community with fellows who identify as, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or Just Jewish. They also come from a variety of communities: Argentina, Israel, America, France, Venezuela, and more!

The importance of building community with such a diverse group was addressed successfully by focusing on what the fellows share in common and having them articulate their opinions, thoughts and ideas about who they are.

Throughout the weekend, the Fellows had conversations about their Jewish Identities, sharing commonalities and differences, realizing the scope of our vast Jewish community, and the power that our diversity provides. Each teen was challenged to encounter new perspectives, learn new things, really think about themselves as individuals, and grow as a community despite their differences.


Through these ties, Diller helps to shape the Jewish world of the future. The Jewish Identity Shabbaton was an incredibly fun, formative, spiritual, and meaningful experience that forged a strong bond for Cohort 7!

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