Hebrew Academy teacher and her students are developing ways to sustain the environment

Hebrew Academy teacher and her students are developing ways to sustain the environment


AUGUST 15, 2019 01:50 PM, UPDATED AUGUST 15, 2019 07:01 PM

Jennifer Ohana, an English teacher at the Hebrew Academy RASG in Miami Beach, recently received the Eleanor Meyerhoff Katz z’l (in memory of) Teacher Initiative Award from the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education.

Ohana has been teaching English for more than 26 years, with 19 of those years at the Hebrew Academy RASG, and she is often recognized for connecting her students to the world around them. Through this grant, she will team up with her co-worker, middle school science teacher Javier Gonzalez, to implement a project-based learning initiative for eighth-grade students, Renewable Resources to Renew Lives. The program will include science, language arts, Judaic studies, and civics to help students learn to use environmental resources more responsibly and to use scientific knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

To kick off the project, students will be required to explore the challenges that communities around the world face when it comes to resources, like energy and water, in an experiential scavenger hunt. For the science component, students will visit the Kosher Food Bank to understand the needs of local Jewish families. Then, students will engage in a hands-on learning experience to understand the electricity needed to power their homes and the solar power that would be required to provide that same amount of energy.

“The inspiration for this initiative came when I was introduced to Innovate Africa, an Israeli organization. This organization introduces Israeli technology, specifically solar power and drip irrigation, to change the lives of villagers throughout Africa,” said Ohana. “While I wanted to teach my students about this organization, I also wanted them to follow its example — to take the knowledge that we have to change the lives of others and change the world.”

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