Life Coaching Coming To Jewish Ed Circles

The notion of a life coach seems to exist in the pop culture province of Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop crowd. But as a technique for Jewish educators?

In Miami next December, the answer will be yes.

Miami’s Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education is using a grant from the Covenant Foundation to set up Jewish Education and Life Coaching for Youth Professionals, which will offer a 60-hour training program that will give participants a life coaching certification with a specialty in Jewish education. The Foundation is providing a $50,000 grant for the first year with the possibility of two additional $50,000 grants over the following two years if mutually agreed upon benchmarks are met.

Carly Orshan, CAJE’s director of teen education and engagement, came up with the idea several years ago. “I saw that there was this niche that wasn’t being served,” she said. “I think life coaching is a big field,” she said, but one that hasn’t yet benefitted from “bringing in a Jewish component.”

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