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Chanukkah comes from the same Hebrew root as the word for education, Chinuch. So it's fitting that we feature the many aspects of CAJE, our community's central address for Jewish education.

Education is all about dreaming and visioning for the future. In order to design a lesson or determine an outcome, educators have to know where they want to go and what they want to accomplish. They must envision the future and then go about building a plan how to get there.

This week's Torah portion, Parashat Vayeishev, introduces us to Yosef/Joseph the Dreamer. His dreams implied that in the future he would become someone far more powerful than his then-role in his family as "annoying kid brother."

Each one of us, at almost any age, is a potential Yosef/Joseph. Today we may be dreaming that we could retire, lose 20 pounds, save more money, switch careers, learn a new skill… you fill in the blank for yourself. And that dream may seem so impossible, so far away, so unattainable.

When Yosef/Joseph was sitting in an underground dungeon in Egypt, he probably would have given up hope too, if not for his dreams! His dreams are what inspired him to try to befriend the Pharoah’s servants, which ultimately was his ticket to freedom.

Dreams give us, not only motivation, but also direction. They help point to where we want to go, even when it seems like we might never get there.

At CAJE, we envision a Jewish community in which education is a top priority, because the community recognizes that an investment today will multiply exponentially into the future.

We envision a Jewish community in which children in Jewish schools receive an education as superior as the best secular school
, through the professional development work we do with principals and educators like #JBlend Miami (blended, personalized learning), JNTP (mentoring new teachers), Robotics (children learning coding in a fun way) and many more initiatives.

We envision a Jewish community in which every teen has the opportunity to participate in a transformational Jewish experience like the Leo Martin March of the Living or the Diller Teen Fellows program that will change their understanding of Judaism and Jewish peoplehood forever.

We envision a Jewish community in which every adult is a life-long learner through our more formal Melton & More classes or the informal education at Miami Jewish Film Festival movies.

As Helen Keller once famously said:
The most pathetic person in the world is someone
who has sight but no vision.

Your support enables CAJE to envision our Jewish future together!

Shabbat Shalom


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