What is Diller Teen Fellows Program?

What is Diller Teen Fellows?
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The Diller Teen Fellows program is a premier, 12-month, immersive leadership development program for Jewish teens from Miami and all over the world, entering grades 10 and 11. During the course of the program, only 20 select teens from each Diller community experience Jewish pluralism, Jewish peoplehood and Israeli partnerships through educational workshops, weekend retreats and a life-changing trip to Israel. Because it is so select and develops active, skilled leaders, having the Diller Teen fellows program on your high school resume is prized by college counselors and admissions directors.

The program is funded by the Helen Diller Family Foundation and the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education.

Now operating in 32 communities in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, the UK and Israel, the Diller Teen Fellows program works to develop future generations of leaders, with a lifetime commitment to their communities, Israel, the Jewish people, and to making the world a better place. Miami’s Diller Teen Fellows are driven by 6 core experiences:

Fellows are able to identify and define their strengths, challenges, and personal leadership goals. We provide the tools, feedback, and mentoring needed to experiment, collaborate and learn from experiences.

Jewish Identity
Fellows have the opportunity to examine and reflect on their Jewish Identity in order to better understand their history, traditions, and values to motivate them to act in the world.

Fellows develop a meaningful personal connection with both the land and the people of Israel. They establish an evolving and sustained relationship with Israel driven by a deep sense of responsibility for its future.

Tikkun Olam (Community Service and Social Action Projects)
Fellows participate in community service projects in Miami throughout the fellowship year and have the opportunity to apply for grant funding to create and lead tikkun olam projects close to their hearts.

Fellows embrace the unique structure of a pluralistic environment by being active in discovering diverse global perspectives.

Jewish Peoplehood
Fellows embrace the unique structure of pluralistic environment by actively discovering diverse global perspective through interactions with Jewish peers from all over the community and around the globe.

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