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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty of returning to safe travel, we at CAJE and the Miami March of the Living are looking into possibilities regarding in-person travel to Poland and Israel if it can be done safely, or alternative programming that may be created for the MOTL 2021 program.

If we can travel or program in-person this year, there will likely be a limited number of spots available due to the need for physical distancing. Complete this form now to claim your space on a first-come, first-served basis.

CLICK HERE to complete the form.

We encourage teenagers to discuss the information on the form with your parents and then complete the form based on your own interests for alternative programming.


Miami’s Leo Martin March of the Living program is a program for Jewish high school seniors in Miami-Dade County. Priority goes to students who live in Miami-Dade, attend school in Miami-Dade and/or attend Synagogue in Miami-Dade. Typically, students need to have two out of these three items checked off to be considered for our Miami-Dade program (i.e., live and go to school in Miami-Dade or live and go to synagogue in Miami-Dade). Attending educational sessions are mandatory for participating in the full program.

For more information about Miami's Leo Martin March of the Living, contact or call at 305-576-4030 ext. 144