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Strengthening Our Educational Frameworks

Strengthening Our Educational Frameworks

This past month, Carly Orshan, CAJE’s Director of Teen Engagement and Education, was privileged to join a group of exceptional national educators on a trip to Israel. Here is the second part of her reflections. At CAJE we are continually seeking ways to enhance our educational frameworks and support Miami youth in their connection to Israel and their Jewish identity.
Edom and the Death of Alliances

Edom and the Death of Alliances

This week’s Torah portion, Parshat Chukat, is known for the sequential deaths of Moses’ two siblings, Miriam and Aaron. The loss described in this parsha is personal and national. The Israelites are finally about to reach their destination, but without the beloved leaders who had sustained them along the way. There is also a third family member who “dies” in this week’s parsha, who is rarely spoken about. That sibling is Edom.

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