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Passover Resources from CAJE!

Passover Resources from CAJE!

On Monday night, April 22nd/15th of Nisan, Jews traditionally gather to celebrate Passover and commemorate the exodus from Egypt. We reenact the exodus through story, discussion, and song at the seder table. CAJE's Department of Adult Learning and Growth, in partnership with our faculty, has compiled Passover insights and teachings designed to help you spiritually prepare for the holiday. We have also included links to resources that you can share around your seder tables to spark meaningful conversations.
We All Need to Leave Egypt Over and Over Again

We All Need to Leave Egypt Over and Over Again

The Exodus is mentioned in the weekly celebration of Shabbat in the words of the Kiddush, in the daily ritual of prayer in the siddur following the Shema/V’ahavta (in the Geula prayer when we sing Mi Chamocha), in the reasons for the custom of wearing tefillin and tallit, as well as in the ethical mandate not to oppress the stranger, remembering that we were once strangers in the land of Egypt, which is mentioned over 36 times in the Torah.

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