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ISRAELNOW Ignites 8th Graders' Jewish Journey

ISRAELNOW Ignites 8th Graders' Jewish Journey

How can an experience in California in just five days achieve the goals of helping 8th graders explore their Jewish identity, deepen their connection to Israel, and build relationships with Jewish peers from across the country? IsraelNow has proven it's possible! One major objective of IsraelNow is to nurture and maintain a long-lasting connection and commitment to Jewish life among our community’s youth.
As If We Personally Had Come Out of Egypt

As If We Personally Had Come Out of Egypt

I went into a ladies’ room last fall and saw a ghost. I had just arrived at a synagogue in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to give a lecture on All Other Nights, my novel about Jewish spies during the Civil War. As I hurried to the restroom before greeting my hosts, I opened the door and stopped short. In the mirror, next to my 21st-century reflection, was a woman wearing a 19th-century corset and petticoats, struggling to pull a calico dress over her hoop skirts.

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