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Transformative Journeys: the Leo Martin March of the Living

Transformative Journeys: the Leo Martin March of the Living

This reflection from a Miami March of the Living (MOTL) participant encapsulates the profound impact of the program on the 12th graders from Miami-Dade who recently returned from their transformative journey through Poland… this annual pilgrimage has left an indelible mark on young minds, enhancing their connection to their Jewish roots and commitment to global Jewish advocacy and Israel.


Anyone who feels very connected to Israel and has been following the cultural zeitgeist there knows that Yom Haatzmaut was a complicated day for many people — perhaps you as well. How do we celebrate Israel when so many are still held hostage (we hope they are alive) and so many soldiers and civilians are recently deceased due to the war with Hamas? Many Israelis struggled with what to do-- barbecue and go to the beach and have a “fun” day while so many are suffering?

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