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"My Way" Custom Classes

The Department of Adult Learning is starting a new initiative called "My Way." "My Way" offers interested individuals, the chance to choose a topic, a location, a time and date and invite a group of friends of their choice to a class they will have helped to organize. Once a host creates a group and chooses a topic and location, the Director of Adult Learning matches that group with an outstanding educator who creates a tailored curriculum.

Here are some examples of “My Way” topics - but the sky is the limit:

• Grandparenting non-Jewish children

• Jewish law for lawyers

• Social justice/ tikkun olam

• For Men: Inspirational Biblical figures

• Classical Jewish Text (Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, Halacha, Hassidut, etc)

• Business Ethics

• Wine, Women, and Mindfulness

• Jewish Views on Fertility Treatment, Abortion, Contraception, and Surrogacy
• Focus on Film Through a Jewish Lens

• Jewish Current Events

• Hebrew Reading Crash Course

• History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

• Anti-Semitism Yesterday and Today

• Jewish Book Club

• Jewish Contemporary Writers

• Jewish Art History or Jewish Art Workshop

For more information on “My Way” Custom Classes, please contact Rabbi Laila Haas | 305-576-4030 x139.