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What is Melton and More Learning?

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a sophisticated, text-based program developed by the Melton Centre at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that explores centuries of Jewish traditions, history, theology and ethics, in an exciting, pluralistic and thought-provoking classroom environment. The Melton program is broken down into three options:

The Melton Core Program

The Melton Core Program includes four, 25-week courses that students take in different formats, focusing on Jewish practices, thought, values and history.

What are the four courses? *

  1. Rhythms of Jewish Living: Explore the Jewish holidays, rites of passage and daily rituals of Jewish tradition – not “how to” but “why to.”
  2. Purposes of Jewish Living: Find out why Jews believe and behave as they do?
  3. Ethics of Jewish Living: Learn how Judaism can shed light on contemporary problems like gender rights and stem cell research.
  4. Crossroads of Jewish History: Discover how Jewish history is relevant to us today.

*Not all four courses are offered every year.

What is the time commitment?

At some locations, courses are held for two hours per week, broken down into a one-hour first segment, followed by a second hour-long segment with a 15-minute break in between classes. At other locations, courses are held for one hour per week.

Graduation Certificate

At the completion of all four courses, each student receives a Certificate of Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For Teachers/School Administrators

Melton Core Classes count towards Judaic Studies and Hebrew Teacher Certification. If you would like more information about credits, please contact  
Ann Kwiat | 305-576-4030 x 138.

Melton Semester (Graduate) Program

The Melton Semester (Graduate) Program features semester-long and mini-courses that can be taken independently, but also complement the strong background one receives in the Melton Core Program. The courses include classes developed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as classes developed by local master faculty. The Melton Semester Program classes are conveniently located throughout North Dade, Central Dade and South Dade so you are sure to find a location near you.

What are Semester Classes?

Semester classes take place in the Fall or the Spring. Each Semester is 10-11 weeks long and every class is about an hour and a half long.

What are mini-courses?

Mini-courses take place in the Summer (and sometimes in the Fall or Spring). Each mini-course is 3-6 weeks long and each class is about an hour and a half long.

Foundations Program

If you have a young child at home (0-13 years old), the Foundations of Jewish Family Living* course gives parents a thought-provoking encounter with the core values of Judaism. This rich learning experience provides opportunities for you to bring the Jewish conversation home to share with your young child. The Foundations of Jewish Family Living gives you the learning, the language and the confidence to share your knowledge with your children.  Totaling 20 sessions, the frequency and length of the sessions can be customized for the location.

Teachers/School Administrators, if you think the parents in your child’s school would be interested in this course, please contact our director, Rabbi Laila Haas to determine if we might be able to create one for you.

*The Foundations of Jewish Family Living Curriculum was developed by the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

For more information, contact the Department of Adult Jewish Learning | 305-576-4030 x 128.

For Teacher Certification information, contact Orly Landau | orlylandau@caje-miami.org  305-576-4030.