A Journey of Remembrance and Unity: March of the Living 2024

Posted on 04/26/2024 @ 06:00 AM

Tags: Teen Education & Engagement, March of the Living

On May 1, 2024, a group of motivated teens from Miami-Dade, along with exceptional volunteers and two remarkable Holocaust survivors, Allan Hall and Laszlo Selly, are preparing to participate in the global March of the Living.


This important event honors the memory of those lost in the Holocaust and celebrates the resilience and vibrancy of Jewish life.


It’s a powerful expression of unity, bringing together participants from around the world to share in this moment of collective remembrance.


The March of the Living has been profoundly impactful since its inception in 1988.


It has united over 260,000 individuals from 52 countries in a solemn walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Memorial Day.


Among these, more than 2,400 students from Miami have taken part in this transformative experience, which serves to educate and inspire future generations.


The mission of Miami’s March of the Living is:

  • to educate future leaders,
  • strengthen Jewish identity,
  • enhance connection and education around Israel,
  • honor the memory of the Holocaust, and
  • stand against hate and antisemitism


Given what we see on today’s college campuses, this mission is even more important today than it was when the March was founded.

Through educational sessions, students have gained a deeper understanding of Jewish life before the Holocaust, the evolution of antisemitism, and the significance of Israel today.

As our final workshop concluded, it served as a poignant reminder of the journey’s purpose: to pay tribute to history and ensure its stories endure.


With a newfound depth of understanding and hearts filled with hope, these teens are ready to embark on a journey that honors the past while anticipating the future.


Participants are often reminded that their journey is part of a larger narrative, connecting them with a sacred community, a kehilah kedoshah, committed to resilience, understanding, and creating a future founded on mutual respect.


As students prepare for Poland, participants carry with them the legacy of those who came before us, marching forward not just in memory, but in solidarity, love, and a firm commitment to the values that define a vibrant Jewish future. 

Educational sessions highlight the critical role each individual plays in standing against intolerance and championing what is right.