CAJE Impacts Thousands of Miami Teens

Posted on 01/22/2021 @ 07:00 AM

Tags: Teen Education & Engagement, Teen Education & Engagement Youth Professionals

Q: With only one professional serving the larger teen community, how does CAJE impact thousands of Miami teens?  A: By supporting and building the capacity of the professionals who work directly with teens.

Several times a year, CAJE’s Youth Professional Network (YPN), made up of representatives from different Jewish Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs), comes together to share ideas and best practices from the field. 
This past Wednesday, we had 13 different YSOs represented from across the denominational spectrum, often by more than one professional from each of the organizations in attendance. It was wonderful to see the positivity and passion of these committed Jewish leaders as they continue to navigate this critical time for our community’s teens.
The group was able to network, share successful programs and moments they experienced in their work during the pandemic, and brainstorm ways in which CAJE can continue to support them in their work.
One idea that emerged is to create a space for all the teen leaders of the Youth Serving Organizations to come together to collaborate, refine their leadership skills, and be a sounding board for our Miami Jewish-teen community initiatives.
All YP’s have been invited to participate in an upcoming program with Trybal Gatherings on January 31st. The organization is hosting a Florida Boot Camp, training designed to provide South Florida's supplemental Jewish educators with virtual facilitation skills and inspiration to keep educational programming strong.
If you are a supplemental Jewish educator, click here to learn more and register for free.
YP’s also have the opportunity to receive coaching services from the Director of CAJE’s Teen Department, Carly Orshan. Carly provides one-on-one coaching for various professionals in the network and/or their staff.
The hope of our YPN group is to create a space for Youth Professionals where they can contribute, use their combined experiences, and become a hub for strengthening Jewish teen experiences across Miami.