Comedy for a Cause Surpassed Expectations

Posted on 10/30/2020 @ 08:00 AM

Tags: March of the Living


Last night, CAJE’s Comedy for a Cause event to raise funds to support Miami’s Leo Martin March of the Living program surpassed our own expectations with 400+ attendees.
By the end of the evening, our goal of $250,000 for the March was exceeded! We want to thank the Host Committee and the CAJE staff for all they have done to make this event a success. Special shout-outs to:

  • Debbie Brodie Weiss—Our Fundraiser Extraordinaire!!! We kept raising the goal because she kept exceeding it.
  • Carly Orshan (Director, Teen Dept.) —Whose vision and direction of the program, the video, the gift baskets and the March itself is spectacular!
  • Stephanie Goodman (Program Manager, MOTL)—Who implemented the vision and gave countless hours to this project.
  • Diana Burnet (Admin)—Who helped build the webpages, process the registrations/ donations and worked all hours of the day and night to make it a success.
  • Orly Landau (Admin)—Who prepared our online virtual program, pitched in with basket-making, e-blasts and more.
  • Igor Shteyrenberg (Executive Director, MJFF) —Who assisted with the platform, the video and technology. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Much appreciation to the rest of the CAJE staff who pitched in to make it all come together! Many patrons wrote to us about the program:

Mazel Tov and Kudos to Rabbi Efrat, Debbie Brodie Weiss and Carly Orshan …all involved in the innovative and terrific CAJE Comedy for a Cause last night! Messages from Sid, Nadine, Elise and Gil were inspiring as were the words of our honorees Morrie, Moj, Laura and Tara. This virtual experience was so well-planned and executed. It made us laugh and cry
Absolutely beautiful! People have been texting with such appreciation and good feelings. They loved it, want to go on the Adult MOTL, etc... Very impactful. Thank you wonderful CAJE staff and to the entire committee. Really special.
Thank you all for a truly magical evening tonight. A wonderful and prideful event for our Miami community. Hope you all have a smile on your face and feeling of satisfaction for a job extremely well done.
May [the March] continue to go from strength to strength...and my thank you's again to each of you [the honorees] for… your abilities to give of your time, talents and monies to endow the future of this trip for many years to come

If you did not have a chance to view the event and wish to do so, please contact: Stephanie Goodman, MOTL Program Manager.
To make a donation to the CAJE’s March of the Living, please click here.