Diller Teen Fellows Summer Seminar in Israel

Posted on 08/25/2023 @ 06:00 AM

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Fostering Global Connections and Leadership Growth:
Diller Teen Fellows Summer Seminar in Israel

Seeking a program that empowers and leaves an indelible mark on countless Jewish teen lives for over two decades?
The Diller Teen Fellows program empowers a select group of Jewish 10th and 11th graders to embark on a transformative leadership journey that helps them identify their values, grow their skills, and connect with a global network of peers, including over 7,000 alumni worldwide.

What makes the Diller Teen Fellows trip unique is the in-depth preparation that the Fellows undergo before their journey.
Throughout the year, the Fellows engaged in activities and discussions that enabled them to develop strong bonds with their Israeli Diller Fellow counterparts.
Two particular highlights of the trip were when the Fellows met up with their peers from Yerucham, Miami’s partnership city, and when they attended Diller Congress with all of other International and Israeli Diller Cohorts.
Over 700 teens participated in various activities, including an Impact Project focused on building furniture with old wood pallets in collaboration with the Israeli organization Molet, which tries to raise awareness for a more sustainable world.
Diller Congress concluded with a joyous closing celebration of friendship, connection, and togetherness.

"What made Community Week so special for me was seeing the dichotomy between the smaller city of Yerucham and Miami. Despite having different upbringings, our Cohorts connected in a beautiful and meaningful way. I can't wait to continue nurturing our lifelong friendships!" 
- Ella Stern, Cohort 10
"The time we spent in Yerucham was extremely special and impactful. I was able to experience a traditional Shabbat and make deep connections with my host family.
Sara Edelstein, Cohort 10

The main focus of the program is its people-centered approach, significantly impacting the participants by deepening comprehension of their Jewish identity, the diverse manifestations of Judaism and the diversity of cultures in Israel.
After a week of global connection, exploration of Jewish peoplehood, and shared community-service projects, the fellows received a warm welcome in Yerucham, starting with a Shabbat experience by host families.
Throughout the week, they explored diverse cultures within Judaism and beyond through activities like basket weaving, Zuak tile painting, baking bread with Lechem Zeh, and visiting Bedouin tents to learn about Bedouin culture.
The teens not only collaborated with their Israeli peers to organize a Shabbaton (a Shabbat/weekend experience) testing their leadership skills in a real-world setting, they also formed profound connections that broadened their perspectives.
Upon departing from Israel, the Miami Fellows carried with them a newfound clarity about their roles as leaders and a stronger sense of their Jewish identity and values.

The Diller Israel trip was an incredible experience. Meeting so many amazing Jewish peers from around the world helped me connect with my own Jewish identity. I was so inspired by everyone I met and the experiences we engaged with. I am excited to make an impact in my own community! 
- Nathalie Schwart, Cohort 10

Applications to join the Miami Diller Teen Fellows for this year are open and spaces are limited!

 Teens going into the 10th and 11th grades who live, go to school, or belong to a synagogue in the Miami-Dade area are eligible for the Diller program.
To learn more and to apply, visit dillermiami.org or contact Diller Teen Fellow Coordinator Ashley Shulman at ashleyshulman@caje-miami.org