Experience the "Wow!"

Posted on 03/03/2023 @ 05:00 AM

Tags: Adult Jewish Learning & Growth, Melton & More

Every week, close to 150 adult learners are inspired as they participate in courses offered by CAJE’s Department of Adult Learning & Growth. Our faculty serve as guides on a stimulating journey, and our students engage in discussions that are insightful and powerful.
Just this week in a lesson focused on the evolution of the character of Esther, one of our teachers shared an interesting rabbinic commentary on the relationship between Mordechai and Esther. As the teacher began peeling back the layers of rabbinic discussion, one of the students gasped and loudly proclaimed, “WOW!”
That was it, the WOW moment. The moment of awe when discovering something new that causes you to pause and appreciate the profundity of the experience.
These WOW moments happen frequently among our community of learners, and are celebrated and appreciated as growth moments along the Jewish learning journey. 
Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
Participating in adult learning classes is not just about a scholarly pursuit, it is about growth. Growth of mind, growth of character, growth of connection and growth of the spirit.
CAJE’s annual cycle of courses offered are designed to invite people to discover new meaning in their Jewish lives and pursue the transformative impact of Jewish wisdom more deeply. In turn, they will be inspired to pass the knowledge down to the next generation— ensuring yet another link in the chain of tradition.
Since transitioning to a fully virtual program, our learners have shared that being able to access their classes regardless of where they are and learn with people from across the globe has enriched in their lives in ways they never thought possible.
Not only have they expanded their minds, they feel truly connected to the larger Jewish community.
Last week during a class, one of our learners who lives alone outside of Florida got up to check on their cat. A few minutes went by and in the background, the class heard her yell out in pain. She had fallen, hurt herself badly, and was unable to get help. The teacher called 911 from their home in Broward County, while one of the other members of the class, a doctor living in South Dade, kept her talking and helped guide her on what to do as she waited for the ambulance. Simultaneously, a neighbor, who also was taking the class and happened to live close by, got in her car and headed over to be with the student in need.
Our Adult Learning Community spans county lines, state boundaries and even time zones. The relationships made in our classes know no bounds, just as the study of Torah knows no bounds.
We hope you will be inspired to join us on this sacred journey of Jewish learning, community, and relationship.
Regardless of where you are in the world, you are always welcome around our virtual table to offer your insight and bask in the wisdom of our sages.
Experience a WOW moment for yourself; you won’t be disappointed!