Join Us at The Base of the Mountain: The Melton & More Experience

Posted on 05/14/2021 @ 08:00 AM

Tags: Adult Jewish Learning & Growth

Our tradition teaches that each and every one of us stood at the base of Mt. Sinai on the 6th of Sivan, the holiday of Shavuot. We heard the thunder, witnessed the flashes of lightning and then experienced a powerful silence preceding the word of G!d.
It was at that moment that Am Yisrael [the People of Israel] entered into a sacred covenant with G!d, with the words of Torah and Jewish learning at its core.
This moment of revelation transformed Am Yisrael, and for millenia, the teachings of Torah have inspired us and served as our guide on how to live lives of meaning and purpose.
The light of Torah shines brightly within our Melton & More Adult community and our students continuously inspire us with their passion for learning and their quest for stimulating and dynamic Jewish experiences.
Adults from around the world take part in our online classes. Regardless of the time zone they live in, they’ve shared that the experience of building relationships with other learners, as well as a deeper connection with Torah and Jewish wisdom, has proven to be a transformative one. 

Pat Barron joined the Melton & More community 2 years ago, has taken 12 classes, and just signed up for 4 summer classes!
Q: “Pat, how has the Melton and More experience transformed your life?”
A: Melton & More anchored me during the pandemic. The classes engaged my mind and my soul. Each educator inspired me to explore topics I never had access to before. The attendees helped me hone my critical thinking skills and above all, each class was fun! If not for Melton, it would have been a dismal, wasted 13 months in my life. I made friends with wonderful people and hope to meet them in person someday.
Q: “We love that you and two other Melton & More learners have created a weekly Torah study in addition to the numerous Melton & More classes you all take. Share with us what inspired you all to create this chevruta? What has that experience meant to you?”
A: “Sue, Ann and I bonded in Rabbi Lipson’s class. I was intrigued with their insights and comments. We became friends and deciding to study Torah weekly was a natural next step to our conversations in getting to know each other. We have become more adept at reading Hebrew with Sue guiding us, and have lively discussions about the content of the verses we study. I see this study time as a progression of how Melton has transformed me into a life-long learner and having beautiful friends with whom to share the learning is an extra bonus.”

Richard Paley joined our Adult Learning community 4 years ago and will graduate from the Melton Core program at the end of this month. He has been studying every week for two years as part of the Core curricula, adds on more classes over the summer, and even traveled to Israel on a Melton International’s Travel Seminar.
Q: “Richard, you once said you stumbled upon Melton & More. How has that “stumble” transformed your life?”
A: “I found Melton & More by accident one day while looking to see what educational offerings were available for Jewish adults.... I met a set of like-minded people interested in our history with a curriculum that explains not just where we are as a people but how and why we got there. Melton & More has opened so many self-closed doors that I find it impossible to say thank you enough... Todah Rabbah!” 

Every class brings with it the potential to be a “Sinai” moment for our learners. The discussions, the exploration of Jewish texts, the quality of our faculty and the relationships born from shared experiences—each of these have the power to transform mind, body and soul.
As we approach the moment in our Jewish calendar where we celebrate the receiving of Torah, give yourself the gift of joining us on this powerful journey of Jewish learning and community.
Each class brings with it the potential to be a “Sinai” moment for YOU! So join us at the base of the mountain. We promise it will be a worthwhile expedition.

Click here to explore our full line up of summer classes. Come for the learning, be inspired by the community, and appreciate the transformative experience. We can’t wait to welcome you!
Wishing our readers a Shabbat Shalom and Hag Shavuot Sameach!