Mazel Tov Melton Core Class of 5783!

Posted on 06/16/2023 @ 06:00 AM

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It’s hard to describe the naches felt at a Melton Adult Learning graduation.
You may not find the traditional “pomp and circumstance” like at a High School or College graduation, but you will find yourself transformed by the personal reflections shared and the heart bursting pride at the incredible sense of accomplishment that each learner experiences.
Over the course of two years, our graduates created a wonderful community of fellowship, dedicated to learning and inquiry.
Their teachers, Rabbi Ed Farber and Rabbi Dr. Leon Weissberg, brought the curriculum to life each week and created opportunities for exploration and dialogue that inspired a deep love of Jewish learning.
The Melton Core curriculum is the signature two year Melton program that provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of Jewish thought, practice and history.
Finally, Rabbi Laila Haas shared words of blessing and Carla Spector bestowed the graduation certificates and spoke about each learner.
Following are snippets from the reflections shared by the graduates that demonstrate the power of their Adult Learning experience:

Ivana Ballesteros 
Learning and expanding my Jewish education is a priority to me. Having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and having the great honor to take lessons from such an amazing faculty team is priceless. I am inspired to continue expanding my Jewish education and my hope is to inspire others to do the same.

Pat Barron 
Melton has not only enhanced my love for Judaism, it has also provided me with the opportunity to make new and lasting friendships. Each class I have attended has given me treasured relationships. From the first class I took back in pre-Covid days, to this very day, the camaraderie which has unfolded in my life is priceless.

Amy Lomaskin 
The past three years have been an invaluable part of my life. I have taken many classes with fabulous teachers and intelligent students who ask phenomenal questions. I am in awe of everyone! Melton has opened up my mind and taken me places that I never would have gone and learned things that I never would have learned! 

Doris Pienknagura 
Understanding our holidays and their purpose, becoming knowledgeable of critical times in our history and the learning about the ethics and values of Judaism have enriched my bond to the Jewish community and given a new meaning to my involvement in congregations I have been part of.

Lois Thompson 
Melton and More specifically the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education, fulfilled its mission: to serve as a catalyst for connecting Jewish people to their rich heritage. And I thank you for it. So, what do I take away from our two years of study? Certainly information that I did not previously have. More importantly, a desire to cleave more closely to the major ethical teachings of Judaism and in so doing seek to be a better person.

Lori Tucker 
I have gained a much deeper understanding of the history of Jews/Judaism and why it is so important to continue our traditions. More importantly, I am sharing with my children all that I have learned in my Melton classes, and their enthusiasm and interest in Judaism, both the history and religion, has grown and will continue to grow. I cannot think of a singular experience that has been as transformative and meaningful to me as these last two years in the Melton courses have been. For this, I will be forever grateful.

In Tractate Brachot of the Babylonian Talmud it said that when study had been completed in Rabbi Ammi's school, students would say to each other:
“May you see your world in your lifetime. May your eyes sparkle with the light of the Torah, and your face shine like the brilliance of the heavens. May you speak words of wisdom, and may the deeds of righteousness you do fill your body with joy. And may your feet hurry to hear the words of the Ancient One, who sets the cycles in motion.”
We are so proud of our graduates’ accomplishments and look forward to continuing the learning journey with them! Mazel Tov!

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