Mazel Tov Melton Graduates!

Posted on 06/04/2021 @ 08:00 AM

Tags: Adult Jewish Learning & Growth

This is what Rabbi Ḥanina said:
I have learned much from my teachers
and even more from my friends,
but from my students I have learned
more than from all of them.
(Babylonian Talmud, Taanit 7a)

The Melton Core curriculum is the signature Melton program that provides adults with a comprehensive understanding of Jewish thought, practice and history. Our graduates created a wonderful community of fellowship, dedicated to learning and inquiry. Their teachers, Rabbi Ed Farber, Rabbi Dr. Leon Weissberg, Dr. Lenore Kipper and Rabbi Alan Litwak, brought the curriculum to life each week and created opportunities for exploration and dialogue that inspired a deep love of Jewish learning.
Our graduation ceremonies were enhanced this year by Rabbi Judith Seigel sharing words of blessing and song along with Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar sharing a beautiful midrash about Rabbi Akiva and the power of dedicating oneself to Jewish learning as an adult.
Rabbi Ed Farber and Rabbi Dr. Leon Weissberg engaged in an inspirational conversation, moderated by Rabbi Laila Haas, about the impact of Jewish learning in their own lives. Finally, Carla Spector virtually handed out the graduation certificates and the graduates shared their personal reflections of their learning experience.
The following reflections were shared by the graduates and demonstrate the power of their Melton Adult Learning experience:
Shimmy Cohen Inspired by Pirkei Avot. Shimmy says: “Who is wise, and strong, and rich, and honored? All those who take Melton School’s classes, and graduate!”
Lily Fraga After taking all four modules of our History and Ethics, I can say I have discovered how little I actually knew. Melton has been instrumental in opening these windows with challenging courses extremely well taught with a great caliber of instructors. I was fortunate to have Rabbi Dr. Leon Weissberg on two of my last Melton courses. His thorough presentation and inviting class discussions have made a world of difference! Can’t wait to continue taking Melton courses and engaging in lifelong learning.
Paula Hesch I really enjoyed the Melton program-- both the content and the teachers. Each brought their own perspective to the courses, which made for stimulating sessions. Also, interaction with the other students opened up lively discussions on many topics and shared experiences. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn more about Judaism.
Ann Landau & Ira Zweifler Melton has made me realize how little I actually know and how much more I can learn about my heritage and my history. I can’t wait for classes to start again! The Core Classes have filled in many gaps in my (our) history and have made me appreciate the difficult journey and the sacrifices that my parents and grandparents endured and survived. How lucky I am to live in the U.S. at this time!
Glenda Mirmelli I would like to thank Melton for the opportunity to expand my Jewish education. The two-year program has made me so aware of how much there is to learn about our history and ethical concerns. Each week our educators, Dr. Weissberg and Rabbi Farber, impress us with their knowledge and ability to guide us.
Richard Paley I found Melton by accident one day while looking to see what educational offerings were available for Jewish adults. It was pure serendipity. That was more than four years ago, and what I found still brings me a smile. I met a set of like-minded people interested in our history with a curriculum that explains not just where we are as a people but how and why we got there. Melton has opened so many self-closed doors that I find it impossible to say thank you enough
Jan Yelen Sasso Participating as a student in the Melton classes has been a wonderful experience. Each of the four classes focused upon a different aspect of Judaism and were interesting and insightful. The teaching was superb and class discussion was an added benefit. Someone recommended the Melton classes to me and I have and will certainly pass along that recommendation to others.
Jonathan Sussman This was a wonderful opportunity to learn from and debate with learned rabbinical scholars and enthusiastic fellow students. It was rewarding to watch my fellow students become a cohesive group respecting each other’s thoughts and opinions. This was a memorable experience in enhancing my Jewish knowledge and expanding my religious heritage.
Sallye Zilberstein About 8 years ago, I started my own personal "year of Jewish Learning". Once I started, I couldn't stop. These last 4 years, Melton has been a wonderful addition to my studies. I've learned all aspects of the religion that I have claimed my whole life. We have learned the what, the why and the how of Judaism. My favorite course was the Ethics course. It brought the most important teachings of Judaism into our everyday lives. 
In Tractate Brachot of the Babylonian Talmud it said that when study had been completed in Rabbi Ammi's school, students would say to each other: “May you see your world in your lifetime. May your eyes sparkle with the light of the Torah, and your face shine like the brilliance of the heavens. May you speak words of wisdom, and may the deeds of righteousness you do fill your body with joy. And may your feet hurry to hear the words of the Ancient One, who sets the cycles in motion.”

To our Melton Graduates, our prayer is that this moment is not an ending but rather the beginning of a new adventure in your Jewish learning journey. As their eyes sparkle with the light of Torah and Jewish wisdom, we hope that their feet hurry to the next opportunity for study and Jewish spiritual exploration.
We are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments, Mazel Tov!