On A March to Change the World

Posted on 05/31/2024 @ 06:00 AM

Tags: Teen Education & Engagement, March of the Living

We invite you to watch a video from two outstanding students who recently returned from the transformational journey to Poland on CAJE’s Leo Martin March of the Living. Joining the over 2,500 Miami alumni of the program, these students embarked on a profound experience that deeply shaped their perspectives.

Sophia Ades

Sophia Adesa graduating senior at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School heading to Vanderbilt University, shared her powerful reflections. She spoke of connecting deeply with her Jewish heritage in Warsaw and Tykocin, the impact of hearing and connecting to Holocaust survivors Allan Hall and Laszlo Selly, and the unforgettable moments at Majdanek and Auschwitz.


A statement from the March ceremony that resonated with her deeply is: “Casual Jews become Jewish casualties.”


This powerful message, along with the experiences she encountered, has significantly shaped her perspective on living as a Jew. It has stirred deeper reflection on her Jewish identity and ignited a commitment to actively participate in shaping the Jewish community's future as she embarks on her journey to college and hopes to work with Jewish non-profits afterward.

Ryan Weisburd

Ryan Weisburd, a graduating senior at Ransom Everglades School who will be attending Wake Forest University, recounted his initial hesitation to go on the March and how his perspective changed during the journey.


A transformative moment for him was wrapping tefillin for the first time at Auschwitz, a powerful act of Jewish resilience. Ryan emphasized the support from the program’s staff and his newfound commitment to honoring his ancestors and standing up for what is right.


These reflections exemplify the mission of the March of the Living: to educate the next generation of leaders, remember the Holocaust, stand up for Israel, act as witnesses, respond to intolerance and antisemitism, and ensure a strong Jewish future.

We hope you find their stories as inspiring and moving as we did.

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