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Posted on 03/17/2023 @ 06:00 AM

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In one of a series of interactive educational sessions leading up to the trip, the IsraelNow participants acted out their own "TikTok challenge" to bond as a group and to build excitement about the trip.

Traveling to a different country can be challenging for teens, and it can also be a great opportunity for them to open their eyes and see the world in different ways, creating new memories at the same time. 
IsraelNow is a transformative and rewarding experience for Jewish 8th graders in Miami-Dade public schools or non-Jewish private schools. It’s an immersive and guided journey that teaches them as much about themselves as it does about their heritage.
And while a deeper bond with Israel and a stronger connection to Judaism are the ultimate goals, IsraelNow wants the participants to take away so much more.

2023 Participant:
“I expect that IsraelNow will impact my Jewish journey by letting me connect to my roots, explore my relationship with Israel, and learn the history of the religion in a new way.”

This year, the IsraelNow trip will take place during Miami-Dade public school Spring Break: March 20-29, 2023, and it will include a combination of historical destinations and modern activities and sights.
Participants will hike Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, and explore Tel Aviv, plus other educational activities and service opportunities.
Each day, they will have the chance to strengthen their ties to their Jewish heritage, and form bonds with their local peers, and meet teens from other national communities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Broward, and Palm Beach County which will last forever. 

In this educational session: RESEARCH! Participants learn what they did and didn't know about Israel and what they are interested to learn more about during the IsraelNow trip.

2023 Participant:
“IsraelNow will help me form a deeper bond with my homeland and my cultural background.”

We hope that participants will find the Western Wall spiritually moving, dive into Israel’s diverse cuisine, and be hungry to learn about Israeli culture.
They will uncover artifacts from the past while discovering new pieces of their future. That curiosity and desire to learn will help them grow, both as people and as Jews. 
In addition to visiting many sites in Israel, the participants will have an opportunity to broaden their minds by connecting with local Israeli peers from Miami's partnership community of Yerucham, and be exposed to different backgrounds and perspectives throughout the trip.
We are expecting alumni to continue to explore their heritage and get more involved in the Miami Jewish community back home.

Feedback from the 2022 trip:
"The experiences were so meaningful to me and since the trip, I feel like I have a much stronger bond with Israel and our culture." 
“This trip was amazing! Our son came back more knowledgeable about Israel and with a deeper understanding of Jewish history and culture. He made friends and became closer with teens he already knew. This is a fun and educational trip that can transform a teen’s Jewish identity and connection.” 

If you know a rising 8th grader, who does not attend a Jewish Day School, forward this information to them.
Applications for the 2024 Spring Break trip will open in the Summer.
For more information about IsraelNow, please contact Claudine Ackerman at ClaudineAckerman@caje-miami.org.