South Florida Jewish Day School Robotics Festival: Growing, Building, Innovating!

Posted on 06/14/2024 @ 06:00 AM

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On May 10th, 215 students from 13 schools gathered at Scheck Hillel Community School to compete in various challenges and showcase what they’ve learned throughout the year at CAJE’s 7th Annual South Florida Jewish Day School Robotics Festival.


Our 13 participating schoolsBrauser Maimonides AcademyDavid Posnack Jewish Day SchoolDonna Klein Jewish AcademyHebrew Academy (RASG)Hochberg Lower School– Posnack EastInnovative School of Temple Beth SholomLehrman Community Day SchoolMeyer Prep AcademyRambam Day SchoolScheck Hillel Community SchoolSouth Florida Jewish AcademyToras Emes Academy, and Yeshiva Elementary School, worked diligently to get ready for the Festival alongside our local coach, Ilana Traub.

Robotics Coach, Ilana Traub

Ilana is instrumental in not only the training of our teachers at the beginning of the year but also in the planning and scheduling of the Festival.


Everyone knows that Legos are great connectors, but they have also proven to be a game changer for innovative education. This year, close to 20 teams competed in various challenges that included the annual challenge mat from First Lego League, and for the first time, our new Israel: Land of Innovation mat.

CAJE’s Robotics program has changed our curriculum and life in our school tremendously! Not only do the students learn to work together but they also learn coding, math, and problem-solving while having fun! Our students are so happy and enthusiastic and look forward to the Festival. Thank you so much for this life-changing experience!” - Patricia Martinez, Yeshiva Elementary School


The Robotics Program and the Festival bring students from our diverse community of Jewish day schools and yeshivot together in their shared love of Robotics.

"CAJE and Ilana delivered another award-winning Festival! Our students were well pleased with themselves. They impressed their friends and teachers. They had a great time and have memories that will last a lifetime.” - Dr. Jeffrey Popper, South Florida Jewish Academy

Planning is already underway for the 2024-2025 South Florida Jewish Day School Robotics Program.


If your school is interested in participating, please reach out to Audrey Maman Bensoussan at for more information.