CAJE’s Newest ECE Initiative: Monthly Teacher Support Nights

Posted on 03/01/2024 @ 05:00 AM

Tags: Jewish Schools & Educational Services

This past Monday evening marked the launch of CAJE’s newest Early Childhood Education initiative: Monthly Teacher Support Nights. 


At CAJE, we are committed to nurturing excellence in early childhood education through supporting our network of early childhood educators.


Teacher support is paramount to creating enriching learning environments for our children, and decreases teacher burnout and turnover.


Teacher support is not just beneficial, it is essential in elevating the field of early childhood education.


Our teachers face unique challenges daily, from managing classroom dynamics to fostering healthy relationships with students and parents.


By providing a platform for collaboration, reflection, and professional development, we hope to empower our educators to navigate these challenges effectively and continue to grow in their practice.


Prior to each virtual session, teachers across the vast network of Jewish Miami-based early childhood programs are invited to submit any challenges they are experiencing in their classrooms to be considered as a topic for discussion during the session.


Led by CAJE’s Director of Early Childhood Education, Yehudis Smith, our inaugural session catered to infant and toddler teachers and focused on handling and navigating toddler biting in the classroom.

The well-attended session addressed the very common issue of biting from 3 angles: developmental considerations, prevention methods, and intervention techniques.


The teachers left with a deeper understanding of why toddlers bite to communicate, how to create an environment that is conducive to more acceptable methods of communication, and what to do when biting happens.

Check out the presentation.

Each session will be recorded and added to an archive of resources to ensure that teachers have access to a wealth of knowledge and support whenever they need it.


Looking ahead, our next session catered to 3-5 year old teachers will be held next week. This session will revolve around navigating the parent-teacher relationship, a crucial aspect of early childhood education that requires finesse and collaboration.


We invite all early childhood educators in our community to join us for this insightful session and to continue the journey of growth and learning together.


To learn more about CAJE’s early childhood education initiatives, email Yehudis Smith at