Traveling with Variants: Our MOTL - Covid-19 Dilemma

Posted on 09/17/2021 @ 08:00 AM

Tags: Teen Education & Engagement, March of the Living

Last week, the International March of the Living — CAJE’s partner that makes all flight, hotel, and ground arrangements for the travel component of the MOTL program— announced that it is committed to holding a March physically in Poland and Israel. They have not provided us with pricing yet, but that is only one of the many items that needs to be determined before our teens can travel.
Miami’s Leo Martin March of the Living program is working diligently on providing the best possible program for the 2021-2022 year, given all of the difficulties involved.
One thing is clear: All participants will be required to be vaccinated. While the vaccines remain fairly protective against Covid-19, particularly against serious illness, passing PCR and serology tests are required to move from country to country and those logistics need to be worked out.
In addition to resolving all of the Covid-19 precautions needed, CAJE will of course have to recruit staff, and it is likely that we will be unable to bring survivors due to concerns for their health. While we don’t have all the answers yet, we are moving forward and opening applications for the 2022 March of the Living program with the expectation that in time, we will be able to determine answers to all our questions
Although the two-week travel experience to Poland and Israel is a highlight of the March, we all need to remember that Miami's March of the Living is a six-month educational program. We will continue to teach about the Holocaust and Israel to the Miami teen community as we always do.
Every year, our goal is for March participants to gain knowledge and confidence in understanding the Shoah, advocating for Israel, as well as being an upstander… and this year is no different.
Applications will be open until October 15. Interviews will take place in October and by early November, applicants will be informed of their acceptance into the program, as well as information regarding the cost of the program, cancellation details, and payment plans.

All Miami-Dade High School Seniors are invited to apply to CAJE Miami’s March of the Living program by clicking HERE.
For more information, you may visit our FAQ page or email us with any questions at