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Jul 21, 2023

Spotlight on Ellie Ganz: CAJE Chair of Adult Learning

"My Adult Learning journey has been nothing short of amazing. Not only has the experience been an enriching one, but it is something I love to share with others… I encourage anyone who can give the gift of Jewish learning, to do so. One class can change a life!"

Jun 16, 2023

Mazel Tov Melton Core Class of 5783!

It’s hard to describe the naches felt at a Melton Adult Learning graduation. You may not find the traditional “pomp and circumstance” of a College graduation, but you will find personal transformation, accomplishment, and heart bursting pride – something each Melton lifelong-learner experiences.

Mar 3, 2023

Experience the "Wow!"

Every week, close to 150 adult learners are inspired as they participate in courses offered by CAJE’s Department of Adult Learning & Growth. Our faculty serve as guides on a stimulating journey, and our students engage in discussions that are insightful and powerful.

Nov 4, 2022

CAJE: Fighting Antisemitism Through Education

It’s no secret that antisemitism is on the rise, both nationally and worldwide. As Yair Rosenberg recently wrote in his blog Deep Shtetl, “Every single year since the FBI began recording hate-crime statistics, Jews have been the target of more anti-religious attacks in the U.S. than all other religious groups combined.”

Oct 14, 2022

A New Cycle of Learning is Coming!

In the spirt of Simchat Torah next week, as we begin again the ageless cycle of Torah with Bereshit (Genesis), we invite you to start your own personal cycle of learning with us.

May 6, 2022

Antisemitism Today: A Page Out of an Age-Old Playbook

Join Dr. Robert Watson on Wednesday, May 11 at 7PM for a program of meaningful insight into the rise of Antisemitism today and the long history of hate that has followed the Jewish people throughout history. He will address the rise of micro-aggressions on college campuses and will include resources for how to engage in dialogue to combat the vitriol and hatred.

Jan 21, 2022

Spotlight on Adult Learning

Our Melton & More / Adult Learning faculty shape the lives of our learners by creating powerful spaces for inquiry, discovery and connection. They design courses using centuries-old sacred texts and teachings and transform them into relevant wisdom that serves as inspiration to help navigate our modern world.

Dec 31, 2021

Adult Learning Spotlight

Jewish learning goes beyond the quest for answers. It’s the connection between teacher and student that enhances the journey towards finding greater personal meaning in Judaism and seeing the world through a Jewish lens.

Dec 3, 2021

CAJE Consults for MOCA Exhibit

Many people don’t even realize that CAJE is often consulted when a museum or other arts organization has an exhibit or show that has Jewish content. In March of this year, CAJE was honored to be invited to participate in the planning around the first exhaustive retrospective of Polish-born artist Maryan, which is now on exhibit at MOCA, North Miami, through March 20, 2022.

Oct 15, 2021

Spotlight on Adult Learning Faculty

Our Melton & More faculty shape the lives of our learners by creating powerful spaces for inquiry, discovery and connection. They design courses using centuries old sacred texts and teachings and transform them into relevant wisdom that serves as inspiration to help navigate our modern world. We encourage you to get to know them and join them for a powerful experience of Jewish learning.

Sep 10, 2021

Adult Learning: Offering More Than Classes

When a person seeks to find personal meaning in Judaism, the one who guides him/her is key. Our Melton & More faculty shape the lives of our learners by creating powerful spaces for inquiry, discovery and connection.

Jun 4, 2021

Mazel Tov Melton Graduates!

The Melton Core curriculum is the signature Melton program that provides adults with a comprehensive understanding of Jewish thought, practice and history. Our graduates created a wonderful community of fellowship, dedicated to learning and inquiry.

May 28, 2021


Every year JPRO, the Jewish Professional Network in Miami, honors Jewish professionals who’ve made an impact on our community.This year, our very own Carla Spector, Director of Administration for Adult Learning, was presented The Lifetime Achievement Award!

May 14, 2021

Join Us at The Base of the Mountain: The Melton & More Experience

Our tradition teaches that each and every one of us stood at the base of Mt. Sinai on the 6th of Sivan, the holiday of Shavuot. We heard the thunder, witnessed the flashes of lightning and then experienced a powerful silence preceding the word of G!d. It was at that moment that Am Yisrael [the People of Israel] entered into a sacred covenant with G!d, with the words of Torah and Jewish learning at its core.

May 7, 2021

Meet Adam R. Shevin: Sponsor of the Roberta & Jerome Shevin Speaker Series

Growing up as the child (the eldest) of Roberta and Jerry was wonderful in basically every way a person looking back at his childhood would evaluate it. I like to say I won the parent lottery (although we don't get to choose the numbers ;-) It was a very supportive and usually patient environment (sometimes a bit competitive when it came to sports, which more often than not-- ok always-- involved my dad and my uncles, especially at tennis).

Apr 30, 2021

The Shevin Speaker Series

The Roberta and Jerome Shevin Speaker Series was lovingly established in their memory by their son Adam R. Shevin and represents the areas of education Roberta and Jerome committed their lives and work to Holocaust Education, Jewish-Christian relations and Adult Jewish Learning. They believed deeply in the power of education as a unifying force and the topics of this series speak to that legacy.

Mar 5, 2021

Spotlight on Lifelong Learners

It has been a rewarding year for the Department of Adult Learning & Growth/ Melton & More even in the midst of uncertainty, and our classes have been a powerful constant for our community of learners who are inspired by the richness of the learning experience.

Feb 12, 2021

"Not since college have I been so excited about learning"

This year the Department of Adult Learning & Growth/ Melton & More has welcomed students from around the world to our ZOOM classrooms, expanded our course topics to address mind, body and soul, and invited new faculty to join our team. We reached out to some of our adult learners and asked them to share a little about themselves and the impact of Melton & More.

Nov 6, 2020

CAJE Adult Learning & Growth Goes Global

When our Adult Learning/ Melton & More Fall semester kicked off with 26 virtual classes, we were excited to see that our Melton & More program has gone GLOBAL attracting students from Israel, Canada, Panama and Australia, along with students from 16 states around the country.

Jul 7, 2020

Spotlight: Becky Herrup, Chair of Melton & More Adult Learning

Growing up in the “shtetl” of Miami Beach, Becky Herrup found it a perfect community for her to grow up within. Her family was deeply connected to Temple Emanu-El (Conservative Synagogue on Miami Beach then under the leadership of Rabbi Irving Lehrman) at the time, and to the entire Jewish community. Her parents instilled her with a commitment to Jewish ritual, holidays and traditions, which ensured that Judaism would become an integral part of her identity.