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Feb 16, 2024

Exploring the Intersection of Well-Being and Education

Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner, Vice President of Education at Moving Traditions and Miami’s Scholar in Residence for the first weekend in February as part of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s BeWell Miami initiative, recently led an engaging program tailored for professionals in CAJE’s networks.

Feb 9, 2024

Supporting Miami's Ecosystem of Jewish Day Schools

The simplest definition of an ecosystem is that it is a community or group that lives in and interacts with each other in a specific environment and requires energy from an external source. For Miami’s ecosystem of Jewish day schools that source is CAJE. CAJE’s Day School department has worked in partnership with Miami’s Jewish day schools and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to ensure a vibrant and healthy ecosystem.

Jan 12, 2024


One of CAJE’s greatest strengths lies in our ability to connect. CAJE brings people together strategically, facilitating connections that lead to successful outcomes. Being a great connector is about creating a ripple effect of positive and impactful relationships. By bringing the right people together with intention and authenticity, CAJE contributes to successful outcomes, fosters innovation, and strengthens communities and networks.

Dec 29, 2023

"Our Teachers and Their Students and the Students of Their Students"

Much of what CAJE professionals do is continue their professional learning so they can teach it to others (school directors, administrators and teachers) so that they can teach it to their students. A few weeks ago, CAJE’s Director of Early Childhood and Congregational Education Yehudis Smith joined a select group of early childhood professionals from around the world in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy for an incredible professional development opportunity.

Dec 22, 2023

Elevating the Field of Early Childhood

How does the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) elevate the teaching taking place in our Jewish school classrooms? Through outstanding professional development workshops that teachers are happy to be part of.

Dec 1, 2023

Teaching Israel: Before and After October 7th

As the Miami community’s central educational agency, CAJE regularly brings together principals and administrators from all of our day schools to discuss timely and important issues facing the entire day school community. What is more timely and relevant than Israel today?

Nov 10, 2023

Nearly 150 ECE Teachers Learn with CAJE!

Early childhood educators from across Miami-Dade came together last Thursday night for an evening of learning, connection, and support. Over 145 dedicated teachers and administrators spent two hours learning on Zoom about the most current developmentally appropriate teaching practices in early childhood education.

Oct 13, 2023

CAJE Responds to the Crisis

In the midst of what is transpiring in our homeland of Israel, CAJE’s many departments are working diligently to help our schools and constituencies with resources to help support Israel, find comfort, talk with children and students, and take action.

Oct 9, 2023

CAJE Miami Responds to the Crisis in Israel

In the midst of what is transpiring in our homeland of Israel, CAJE’s many departments are working diligently to help our schools and constituencies with resources to help support Israel, find comfort, talk with children and students, and take action.

Sep 29, 2023

Students at the Center

“Keeping Students at the Center” is the driving philosophy of CAJE’s Day School Professional Development (PD) work (unlike the cartoon above). When it comes to creating PD, we know that one size does NOT fit all, which is why CAJE leverages resources to offer both community-wide and one-to-one support.

Sep 22, 2023

The Power of Collaboration: JECPN

Any type of success can be connected to the ability and willingness to work as a team… especially among networks of professionals who are all working towards the same overarching goals. The power of collaboration and connection was palpable at the Jewish Early Childhood Professional Network’s (JECPN) kick-off meeting!

Sep 8, 2023

CAJE Robotics Program Training

Teachers from 13 schools gathered for training that featured, for the very first time, our brand new Israel mat entitled “Israel: Land of Innovation,” geared towards students who are being introduced to robotics for the first time and/or grades 3-5.

Aug 18, 2023

Appreciating Elul

It’s that time of year again -- the end of a year full of happy times, milestones, and mistakes. Or is it the beginning of a new year? One filled with endless possibilities and untapped potential. Depending on how you look at it, it’s both. For anyone who plays a role in Jewish education, it’s most definitely the beginning.

Aug 4, 2023

Spotlight on Chava Mann CAJE Board & Day School Committee Member

"Being a Jew doesn’t end with school. We need to keep searching for sources to educate ourselves and our children, through Torah values and a solid Jewish identity.”

Jul 14, 2023

CAJE’s Mental Health Network Strengthens Our Community

CAJE-Miami helps connect network education leaders implement programs and initiatives on behalf of the entire school community. One example is CAJE’s Day School Mental Health Network, a group of 17 school counselors and psychologists convened monthly by Audrey Maman Bensoussan, CAJE’s Associate Director for School Markets.

Jul 7, 2023

Why Not You?!?

The way we at CAJE see it, our entire community has a responsibility to address the teacher shortage crises! All of us must be thinking about both the immediate needs of our schools and the long-term strategies necessary to cultivate a new generation of Jewish educators.

Jun 23, 2023

Welcome Yehudis Smith!

We are thrilled to announce that on July 1st Yehudis Smith will be starting as CAJE’s Director of Early Childhood and Congregational Education. Yehudis will conduct a listening tour throughout Miami-Dade in the upcoming months -- please tell her Bruchah Ha’Ba’ah / Welcome to our community!

Jun 9, 2023

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s L’Hitra’ot!

This week we held a retirement -- from full-time work -- party for our beloved colleague, Joy Schandler, CAJE’s Director of Early Childhood and Congregational Education for the past 8 years. We wish Joy well on a life with a little bit less “full-time” stress and look forward to seeing her as she consults in the community…

May 19, 2023

Israel: Land of Innovation

On May 10th, 165 students from nine schools gathered at Scheck Hillel Community School during CAJE’s 6th Annual South Florida Jewish Day School Robotics Festival to compete in various challenges and showcase what they’ve learned throughout the year.

Apr 28, 2023

The JRS Experience in Israel: More than a Trip, a Journey!

A primary goal of Israel education is to help the learner develop their own relationship to Israel. One part of the professional development for our Jewish Resource Specialists (JRSs) has been for them to hone their skills as Israel educators and embrace the concept of Israel as an integral part of the yearlong curriculum...